Jul. 27th, 2014

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This is a post where everyone, even those with OPEN ID accounts and even those who are Anon, can post Vocaloid and utattemita-related news that they read in the web, heard through the grapevine, etc. This post will be open the whole month and people can freely comment with news and info they gathered. Typically at the end of the month I compile the posts new into a single post. Recently, I have neglect doing this, so please refer to the comments for the latest news. For a list of upcoming Utattemita releases, please refer to the Utaite DB.

Feel free to do a complete write-up on a news topic and post it on the community if there is enough information released about the topic. For any other announcements or short news bits, please post them here.

The old news post is here.

Just some rules to make the post orderly.
• make sure the news item you share hasn't been shared yet in any of the comments;
• make sure that you are reporting something that hasn't happened yet or happened very recently
• post the news as a parent thread, not as a comment to another comment, unless it is additional information to a previous reported news bit;
• write a blurb on the title on what the news is about so it'd be easy to find;

e.g.; [Utattemita] Mi-chan releasing a single in Vocaloid Master, [Vocaloid] New 40mP Vocaloid Album "Shounen to Mahou no Robot"

• write the date! And provide a source, preferably an official website or nicovideo link if possible; and
• feel free to comment on the news post with additional information or to fangirl, since all comments under the parent comment (the one with the news) will be considered fannish stuff.
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