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Seiyuu x VocaloP Collaboration Series "Tsukiuta"

There will be a collaboration series featuring Vocaloid producers composing and arranging songs for selected seiyuus called "Tsukiuta" (or Monthly Song).

There will be a CD released for each month starting December 2012 until May 2013. Each CD will feature a female and male seiyuu acting out specific roles/characters and one Vocaloid producer. It will contain an original song, a rearranged song, and a mini-drama. The names of the characters and the themes of the CD are also based on the month it is released (e.g. Christmas, Valentine's Day).

Here is the tentative scheduled CD releases:
* Please click the seiyuu name to see their ANN profile.
** Please click the VocaloP name to see their mylist.

December 2012
Kaji Yuuki as Shiwasu Kakeru
Kanemoto Hisako as Hijiri Kurisu
Satsuki ga Tenkomori

January 2013
Toriumi Kosuke as Mutsuki Hajime
Imai Asami as Hanazono Yuki

February 2013
Masuda Toshiki as Kisaragi Koi
MAKO as Kisaragi Ai
Niji Peperon / PeperonP

March 2013
Maeno Tomoaki as Yayoi Haru
• TBA as Momosaki Hina

April 2013
Hosoya Yoshimasa as Uzuki Arata
Nonaka Ai as Togawa Chisa

May 2013
KENN as Satsuki Aoi
• TBA as Yuki Wakaba

Many thanks to Debbie for the link!

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