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Utaite Spotlight: S!N


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This writeup has been sitting in my computer for months now, because I was too busy to get around to posting it ;;. I'm sorry I only had the chance to update and post this now.

S!N (pronounced SIN) is actually a rather seasoned but underappreciated utaite, having celebrated his second year anniversary last December. He is uploaded a ton of covers since then, usually touching the popular works and sometimes parodies of well-known songs. His uploads fluctuate in terms of views--he usually gains ample but less than 10k views, but a surprise hit would sometimes give him up to 20k views.

S!N's voice is often described as deep, cool and sexy, with his vocal quality placed among the ranks ikemen voices like ASK, Faneru, etc. However, he's also similar to them in the sense that he likes singing parodies or suddenly changing his pitch/tone in the middle of the song. Because of this, most people would comment that "he's wasting his wonderful voice" in his parodies. When he sings ballads in high notes, he seemingly sounds like KK although his voice is usually deeper. He is also quite good at singing rock with a rough voice and also does a good job with rapping. His voice wavers a bit in high and/or long notes, but he manages to cover those up with inexplicable smoothness. He seemed to have tried a lot of genres in covering songs: ballads, rock songs, near-screamo, raps, jazz, although it seems that his voice sounds perfect in jazz rock songs.

S!N participates a lot in collaborations and duets, but he sings perfectly well on his own. If you look at his mylist, you can see his gradual development from being a shaky singer to being a wonderfully smooth vocalist, especially in ballads. His sudden pitch changes and adlibs might be distracting, but those are traits only his own and are enjoyable in a way.

sample covers:
Karakuri Pierrot (40mP original)
Kimi he ( feat. Ringo Juice; RetasuP original)
j e l L y (TaP original)
Abstract Nonsense (Neru original)
Envy Catwalk -rap ver- (Tohma original)

nikki says
I've seen S!N's name a lot in rankings, but I first properly listened to him in his upload of "Abstract Nonsense," which is one of my Neru favorites. He reminded me so much of ASK, it's not even funny XD. Admittedly, his uploads are a hit or miss for me; it's either I like it very much or I don't like it at all. The ones I listed above are my personal favorites. I also think he should use his voice to the fullest instead of doing parodies, but I enjoyed his parodies a lot, lilts and random note changes included XD;.

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