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Ofurotaimu News Pool (September & October 2013)

This is a post where everyone, even those with OPEN ID accounts and even those who are Anon, can post Vocaloid and utattemita-related news that they read in the web, heard through the grapevine, etc. This post will be open the whole month and people can freely comment with news and info they gathered. By the end of the month, the post will be closed and news of stuff which haven't happened yet (for example, CD releases in the past month, etc.) will be transferred to another post for the following month. Feel free to do a complete write-up on a news topic and post it on the community if there is enough information released about the topic. For any other announcements or short news bits, please post them here.

The old news post is here.

Just some rules to make the post orderly.
• make sure the news item you share hasn't been shared yet in any of the comments;
• make sure that you are reporting something that hasn't happened yet ^^;
• post the news as a parent thread, not as a comment to another comment;
• write a blurb on the title on what the news is about so it'd be easy to find;

e.g.; [Utattemita] Mi-chan releasing a single in Vocaloid Master

• write the date! And source, like an official website or nicovideo link if possible; and
• feel free to comment on the news post or fangirl, since all comments under the parent comment (the one with the news) will be considered fannish stuff.

I usually update the main pool at the beginning of each month, so this main post is often out of date. Most releases should be available at stores that ship internationally (i.e. CDJapan, YesAsia, HMV), unless otherwise stated. I list Japanese store links because they're often faster to update listing information.

Please check comments for the most recent information and updates.

09/03 [Vocaloid album] PASSING DAYS, COMING DAYS / Various. Info
09/04 [Vocaloid album] BLURRY / 164. Amazon JP | Info
09/04 [Utaite/VocaloP single] Denshin∞Unchained / FREE DA'M (Samfree & Dasoku). Amazon JP. Theme song of anime Mushibugyou
09/04 [Utaite-related album] Kimi Ira / Yuuge, Eizo Sakamoto, Takahama Yuusuke. Getchu
09/04 [VocaloP single] Skirt / Fullkawa Honpo. HMV | Info (HMV Exclusive limited 1000 copies print run)
09/06 [VocaloP-Seiyuu] Tsukiuta. September / Kondou Takashi x Jon. Animate | Official Site
09/18 [Vocaloid album] Sekai Catalog / millstones. Animate | Info
09/18 [VocaloP album] RJ Bandnics 2 / RubberJohnny. Info. YM's band.
09/18 [Utaite single] BLOODY CROSS / Rumdarjun. Info
09/18 [Utattemita album] Exit Tunes Academy Best vol.2 / Various. Info | Amazon JP
09/18 [Vocaloid album] in the rain / keeno. Amazon JP | Info
09/18 [Vocaloid album] Karappo no Sekai / Various. Info | Amazon JP
09/18 [Utattemita album] recogniza / recog. Amazon JP | Info
09/18 [Vocalo] Shounen to Mahou no Robot VOCALOID BEST, NEW RECORDINGS / 40mP. Amazon JP | Info
09/25 [Vocaloid album] Kowareta Sekai de Hana wo Daku / Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP. Info
09/25 [Vocaloid/VocaloP album] balloom BEST / Various. Amazon JP | Info
09/25 [Vocaloid album] andLOIDs -All time best of Nanou / Nanou. Amazon JP | Info
09/25 [Utaite-related album] St. Smiley Academy Atheltic Festival 2013 Live DVD. Three!
09/27 [Vocaloid album] Vocaloid Professional 2013 / Various. Info | Amazon JP
09/27 [Novel] Nijigen Dream Fever / PolyphonicBranch. Amazon JP
09/30 [Novel] Ama no Jaku / 164. Amazon JP

10/01 [Novel] Suki Kirai / HoneyWorks. Animate
10/02 [Vocaloid album] Vocaloid Chou Best -impacts- / Various. Info
10/02 [Vocaloid album] Vocaloid Chou Best -memories- / Various. Info
10/02 [Vocaloid album] Zutsuki / danierukun feat. Aoki Lapis. Getchu
10/02 [Vocaloid album] Vocaloexist feat. GUMI, IA, MAYU / Various. Info | Amazon JP
10/02 [VocaloP single] Storyteller / Fullkawa Honpo. Tower Records | Info. (Tower Records exclusive)
10/02 [Utattemita album] Exit Tunes Presents Ikemen Voice Paradise Vol.6 / Various. Info
10/02 [Vocaloid album] IA the world ~Kagi~ / Various. Info
10/04 [VocaloP-Seiyuu] Tsukiuta. October / Ono Kenshou x takamatt. Animate | Official Site
10/06 [Utattemita album] Yoshiwara Lament ~Utaite ban~ / Asa feat. several utaite. Info
10/16 [Utattemita album] Exit Tunes Presents Kamikyoku wo Utattemita 7 / Various. Info | Amazon JP
10/09 [Vocaloid album] Alterour Setsuna Pop / Siinamota (aka PowapowaP). Info
10/21 [Novel] Shinkirou Project / HobonichiP. Amazon JP
10/23 [Utaite single] Single for OP/ED of PS3 game "Fairy Fencer F" / Matsunaga Maho & ChouCho. Getchu
10/23 [Vocaloid album] OFFICIAL ORANGE / Hachi. Amazon JP
10/23 [Vocaloid album] Hanataba to Suisou / Hachi. Amazon JP
10/23 [Vocaloid album] V Love 25 -Hearts- / Various. Amazon JP | Info
10/23 [VocaloP-related single] tiny lamp / fhana. Amazon JP. Theme song of anime "Gingitsune"
10/30 [Utattemita album] Burari, Asamakku / Asamack. Info
10/30 [VocaloP-related single] MAD HEAD LOVE/Poppin' Apathy / Yonezu Kenshi (aka Hachi). Info

11/01 [VocaloP-Seiyuu] Tsukiuta. November / Kimura Ryohei x Kikuo. Animate | Official Site
11/06 [VocaloP/Utaite album] SOUP / Fullkawa Honpo (featuring Kikuchi Ryota on vocals). Info
11/06 [Vocaloid album] Exit Tunes Presents Vocalofuture / Various. Info | Amazon JP
11/06 [Vocalo/NNI Album] Project Houshin / Team Kamiuta. Info
11/06 [Utattemita album] DevilishP Tribute album "chronosing" / Various utaite. Amazon JP | Info
11/06 [Utaite doujin album] D / Dasoku. Three!
11/06 [Vocaloid album] Greatest Idol / Mitchie M. Info
11/08 [Vocaloid album] Jigokugata Ningen Doubutsuen / Rerulili x VocaloP. Info
11/13 [Utattemita album] Ambitious Voice / Wotamin. Amazon JP | Team Entertainment
11/13 [Utattemita album] Astrologia no Juuni no Kokuin (Sign) Utattemita / Wotamin, Chomaiyo, Kakichoco, Otouto no Ane, Seriyu, Baru, and Vivienne. info
11/13 [Vocaloid album] Voca☆Fre! 2 -VOCALOID FRESHMEN 2- / Various VocaloP. Info
11/13 [Vocaloid album] AVTechNO! Collection 1&2 / AVTechNO!. Info
11/20 [Utaite single] Love Treasure / √5 (RootFive). Info
11/20 [Utaite-related single] Aquaterrarium / Yanagi Nagi. Limited ED | Regular ED. Theme song of anime Nagi no Asukara
11/20 [Vocaloid album] MIKU-MIXTURE / Various VocaloPs. Info
11/20 [Utattemita album] Exit Tunes Presents Under the Live 2013 / Underbar. Limited ED | Regular ED | Info
11/20 [Utattemita album] KRAD VORTEX / kradness. Info
11/20 [VocaloP? album] Machige Hako / Machigerita. Regular ED | Limited ED
11/27 [VocaloP album] ZIGAEXPERIENTIA / supercell. Sony Music Store
11/27 [Utaite single] Butterfly Core / Valshe. Valshe's Blog Post. Theme song of anime Detective Conan
11/27 [Vocaloid album] Transistor no Doukedan ~Heartsnative3~ / MOSAIC.TUNE. Getchu
12/04 [Vocaloid album] Drama / buzzG. Info
12/04 [Utaite single] Colorful World / Sako Tomohisa. Limited Edition | Regular Edition. Theme song of anime Meganebu!
12/04 [Utattemita album] Matsushita Shita Ue Ue ←→AB / Matsushita. Info
12/11 [Vocaloid album] Kakusei Love Survivor / Sunamori Takeo(SunaP). Limited | Regular
12/18 [Vocaloid album] POP★sTAR the VOCALOID Season2 / Various. Amazon JP
12/18 [Game song album] Occult Maiden Character Song Album / Various including YM, azuma & DeadballP. Amazon JP
12/18 [Utattemita album] Ikemen Voice Paradise 7. Info
12/31 [Vocaloid album] Existence / Various VocaloP. info
12/?? [Seiyuu-VocaloP single] Tsukiuta. Series Duet CD / Various Seiyuu, VocaloPs, and CDs. Info
01/01 [Utattemita album] Re:alize / Ryo-kun. Info
01/01 [Utattemita album] ETA Best 3 / Various. Info.
03/12 [Utaite-VocaloP album] NicoNico Wonderland vol.2 / 96neko, Mafumafu, un:c, Rumdarjun, nero. Amazon JP

- Ending theme of anime Outbreak Company is composed by Yuuyu and sung by Fuchigami Mai.
-The opening theme song of the 3rd season of anime Phi Brain is "Destiny" by neko.
- This Toyota commercial features Marasy's piano cover of a Perfume song!
- Yucat's album Parallel World II contains songs written by Yuyoyuppe and MuryokuP
- Anime based on Jin's Kagepro series MekakuCity Actors will be directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and animated by SHAFT.
- YeYe's album HUE CIRCLE contains a song written by Fullkawa Honpo.
- 6th ending of anime Watamote is by UtsuP and VandalistP!
- Haruna Runa's upcoming album OVERSKY features several songs written by Machigerita.
- Opening theme of anime "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" is SAVIOR OF SONG (video) by Nano.
- You can read part of the manga based off Kuwagata ni Chop-shitara Time Slip-shita on Nico Nico Seiga!
- Sega is releasing a Vocaloid editing app/game called "Uta Yomi Project 575" on iOS and "Uta Kumi 747" for PSVita.
- MuryokuP (aka Powerless) composed a song on Hikasa Yoko's album CollaborationAlbum Glamorous Songs
- CD Anikon! the beginning features some music by HachioujiP!
- Volume 4 of Miku-Pack comes with a Senbonzakura charm.
- Ending theme song of anime Yami Shiba is a Hatsune Miku song by AVTechNO!
- Yuyoyuppe is the sound producer for BABYMETAL's song Megitsune."
- Rib will be singing the theme song of movie Shinsen5. The song is written by MikitoP.
- Udon will release 3 Vocaloid artbooks overseas in 2013. Source.
-Ending theme of PSP BL game "Gakuen Heaven 2" is by un:c.

Postponed Indefinitely
- Yoppei's "Chouzetsu! One Life". Info
- KAITO voicebank provider Naoto Fuuga's utattemita album Yuukyuu Kyuuka. Partial track list here.

Note: I use these sites primarily for information. Most do not ship overseas
- Ofurotaimu Twitter
- Hatsune Miku News (JP)
- Fasic (JP) (often sells doujin albums)
- Three! (JP) (often sells doujin albums)
- Animate's Nico-Related Doujin Page (JP)
- Sony Music Japan Store's Nico-Related Listing
- CDJapan's Nico-Related Listing
- Toranoana's Utaite Releases (JP)
- Toranoana's Vocaloid Releases
- Amazon JP's JPOP Section (JP)
- Animate's Doujin Music Section
- Animate's Music Section
- Hatsune Mikumiku News (JP)
- List of Comiket 84 Utaite related releases

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[vocaloid?] Goodnight, wonderend

[personal profile] drillboat 2014-01-13 04:19 am (UTC)(link)
"Goodnight, Wonderend" is a title for the upcoming concept album by Karasuyasabou (popular for his songs such as Cinderella Syndrome, Jabberwocky Jabberwocka, Check and Chase) under Dwango. the album features 12 tracks of new and old songs written by him, and Hamori Aoi is in charge of the jacket illustration. Release date is set to 3/19

01. Yoru ga Orite Kuru No ni
02. Chirakatta Heya
03. Aru Touhi no
04. Daremo Shiranai
05. Kuuhaku no Machi
06. Sukuiyou no Nai
07. Inoru You ni
08. Kakuu no Hanataba no Tame no
09. Kirakira Hikaru
10. Sekai de Ichiban Kirei Asa ni
11. Itsuka
12. Yoru ga Aketeyuku Koro ni

Official site:
Amazon page: