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Calling All DECO*27 Fans! Let's Sing Ai Kotoba II!

Hello everyone!
I was asked by Pinc to tell everyone that they want people to post their own Utattemita covers of DECO*27's "Ai Kotoba II" to DECO*27's Facebook! Pinc is a management, publishing, and distribution company for many Vocaloid producers such as DECO*27. They want people from many different countries to participate. Any sort of cover is allowed: full covers, just the chorus, a capella, with music... anything! Once again, they would like people to post it on DECO*27's Facebook page, so they can post and introduce your covers on his page! They are taking submissions until Dec 20th.

Update: Looks like they're excepting any sort of fanworks, not just covers, but odottemitas and illustrations are also welcome!

"Ai Kotoba II" was written in celebration of DECO*27's 5th anniversary of being a Vocaloid producer. It features a different arrangement and lyrics than the original "Ai Kotoba". It is a song about thanks, so let's show our thanks to DECO*27's wonderful music by posting our own covers!

You can download the instrumental from this link. This link is also provided in the above video's description.

DECO*27's Official Facebook Page:
News post on DECO*27's Facebook Page:

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