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[VocaloP] Uta Kumi 575

Title: Uta Kumi 575 Azuki to Matcha Chara Song Selection!!
Artists: Various VocaloP

Release Date: Feb 2nd 2014

This is part of Sega's Project 575, which features an anime, game, and more featuring two girls, Azuki and Matcha, who sing haikus. Character design is by Kanzaki Hiro and CD art is by Haruyo. Character songs feature well known VocaloPs.
This album is released under Exit Tunes.

01. Go! sHicHi! Go! / cosMo@BousouP
02. Tobidase Juugyou! / LamazeP
03. Strange Animal / PinocchioP
04. Koi wa Karyouku Hatsuden / ____(Underbar)
05. Sainome / Nanahoshi Kangen Gakudan
06. Trick Or Treat / Hitoshizuku x Yama△
07. Yume Utsutsu / Nem
08. Traveling High / TOKOTOKO(NishizawasanP)
09. Giniro Lagrange / Heavenz
10. Choco ni Tokashite / Takanon
11. Sepia / otetsu
12. Sore tomo Oyatsu? / azuma
13. Tsukuyomi Yuugi / JesusP (Wonderful Opportunity)
14. "Omaera" ni Arigatou / UtataP
15. Yuuyake Irou / OnewP
16. Yuugure to Sakamichi / whoo
17. Hoshikuzu no Gunzou / MARUDARUMA
18. Hakoniwa Dystopia / Toraboruta
19. Rokugatsu no Taiyou / daniwellP
20. Kutsuhimo wo Hodoitara / FuwariP

[First Press Bonuses]
- Phone charm
- (Mail-in survey) Clear file
- (Select stores only) B2 size poster

Exit Tunes:

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