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[VocaloP/NNI Related] fhana 3rd major single "divine intervention"

Title: divine intervention
Artist: fhana

Release date: January 1st 2014
official site:
Music Video:

This is fhana's 3rd major single and the titular song is the opening theme song of anime Witchcraft Works. B-side is written by member yuxuki waga. For more information about fhana, read our Artist Spotlight on them. This single is also avaliable on international iTunes for purchase.

01. divine intervention (lyrics: Hayashi Hideki, music: Sato Junichi, arr: fhana, strings arr: Kawamoto Shin)
02. innocent field (lyrics: Hayashi Hideki, music: yuxuki waga, arr: fhana)
03. divine intervention (The LASTTRAK "Firestarter" Remix) (lyrics: Hayashi Hideki, music: Sato Junichi, arr: The LASTTRAK)
04. divine intervention -Instrumental-
05. innocent field -Instrumental-

iTunes (international):
Amazon JP:

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