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[Vocalo] Gumi Live 2013

Title: Gumi Live! 2013 feat. Megpoid
Artist: Various

Release date: February 28th 2014

This is a compilation featuring GUMI rock songs. This is under the SPUTONIC label.

[Track list]
01. regret / Gogo Tea
02. Daijinamono / LettuceP
03. Tokkyuu Hitomebore / Takanon
04. Hikoukai Nisshi / MikitoP
05. Mirai Eiga Parasol / Penguins Project
06. Hakuchuu, Kuroku Toumei -Refine- / TOKOTOKO(NishizawasanP)
07. Black End Terminal / out of survice
08. Tokonatsu Lonely / mickeY(Ama AgariP)
09. Maboroshi / DevilishP
10. Magic Radio / miro
11. Koizora Youhou / koyori(DenpoleP)
12. Heikousen / diarays
13. Ginga Train / ALT
14. Natsu no Kaze no Mukou / *Luna
15. Katashi no Wendy / Nem
16. Commencement / Haruru
17. A Leaf Letter / KEI

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