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[utaite] EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Ta ~Sonna Fuinki de Utattemita~

Title: EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Ta ~Sonna Fuinki de Utattemita~
Release Dates: 3/19

This is Glutamine 3rd album under EXIT TUNES label, with a jacket illustration provided by 5-Gatsu Byou Mario.

01. Noushou Sakuretsu Girl / Rerulili
02. Tokyo Teddy Bear / Neru
03. Rolling Survival / Yuuyu*
04. Houkago Stride / Last Note.
05. Kyounetsu no Bang! / MikitoP*
06. Knife / PowerchordP
07. Railway Terrorism / Zips
08. Lost One no Goukoku / Neru
09. Tatoeba, Ima Koko ni Okareta Hana ni / 164*
10. Hoshiai / LeftymonsterP
11. Shijou Saikyou Ultimate Fiesta / Glutamine*
12. Dive to The Moon / DevilishP*
13. Renai Yuusha / Last Note.
14. Calc. / JimmythumbP
15. TIME UP / Glutamine*
16. Senbonzakura -Ta Arrange Version- / kurousaP (arranged by: Osamuraisan)

Bonus Track:
17. Gigantic O.T.N (Tried to sing without looking at the lyrics) / GigaP
18. Nisemono Entranger -1st solo LIVE 2013 version- / KusoinakaP
*=new song

Store Tokuten:
Animate: Pins (Comes in 5 design + 1 secret design)
Tsutaya: Smartphone Neckstrap (can be tied with the ET's smartphone case tokuten)
Toranoana: Radio CD + Alternate cover jacket album
JBook: A4 Clearfile (illustration by RAHWIA)
Gamers Online: Signed Bromide Type A (illustration by Kanita)
Yamano Music: Signed Bromide Type B (illustration by 5-Gatsu Byou Mario)
Shinseido: Microfiber cloths (illustration by 5-Gatsu Byou Mario)
Tower Records: Desk Calendar (illustration by 5-Gatsu Byou Mario)
HMV: Schedule Note (illustration by 5-Gatsu Byou Mario)
Wonder Goo: Big Pocket Mirror (illustration by 5-Gatsu Byou Mario)

Limited Edition tokuten:
- Smartphone Case (comes with 5 design: Ta jacket illustration ver., Ta album logo ver., Chouhoukohou[?] ver., and 2 secret ver.)
- Straps (9 design all by 5-Gatsu Byou Mario)
- B2 Poster
- Clearfile (Japan Only. fill survey)

Official Site: http://glutan.jp/
EXIT TUNES page: http://www.exittunes.com/cd/exit_tunes/qwce00330.html
AmazonJP page: http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00H92UP98/

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