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[UTAU] Asa's "Yoshiwara Lament ~UTAU Ban~"

Title: Yoshiwara Lament ~UTAU Ban~
Artist: Asa feat. Kasane Teto

Release date: February 5th 2014
Official site:

This is Asa's first and major UTAU album. His songs have reached over 900,000 views and was even turned into a light novel. All songs on this album feature UTAU Kasane Teto. CD art illustrations are by Fujichoco.

01. Yoshiwara Lament
02. Uwakimono Endroll
03. Dougenzaka Neon Apart
04. Roppongi Baby Butterfly
05. Meishou Roman
06. Aishuu Rain Cafeteria
07. Ikebukuro Tasogare Night Club
08. Hoshiyomi Endeavor
09. Umi no Mieru Machi
10. Visual-kei Red Rum
11. Tokumei Kibou Monster
12. Hirenka Blossom
13. Kagami no Naka no Memories
14. Tokyo Daybreak

[First Press Bonuses]
- Rubber Strap featuring a design by Hakusai mute.
- (Mail-in survey required) Clear file
- (Select stores only) B2 size poster

Exit tunes:

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