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[Vocaloid] galaco SUPERBEST

Title: galaco SUPERBEST
Artists: Various

Release date: February 19th 2014

This is a compilation album for Vocaloid galaco. Comes with a DVD ROM with a demo of galaco NEO, and VSQX (Vocaloid voice files) and WAV (instrumental) files of 12 songs.

01. Tori no Ai Uta (galaco ver.) / DECO*27
02. Brain / TeddyLoid
03. soldier / Ehamic
04. G.G.B. / Otomania
05. I'm Happy Girl / KagomeP
06. Bokura to Keplar / Kobayashi Onyx
07. GalaGala☆Special Happy Night / Samfree
08. Meipuri / ChamuP
09. Wonder Wormhole / monaca:factory
10. drama / baker
11. Blue Moon / Nijihara Peperon
12. Because Records / Yuuyu
13. Juunana-sai no Shinigami / AkibaotaP
14. Dondon♪Galaxyy! / OyakataP
15. Wonderland / Kasane
16. Mirai Treasure / GingahoumenP @ Jinno Takashi
17. Aa Ii Ue wo / Hidarigawa Slash
18. hello, world -Relative Mix / WanwanP
19. EUPHORIA / Kou Shibasaki (New Recording)
20. Rouge no Dengon (Cover of the theme song to Kiki's Delivery Service) (New Recording)

01. Vocaloid 3 Library "galaco NEO" trial version.
02. VSQX (voice) and WAV (music accompainment) files of songs: soldier, G.G.B., I'm Happy Girl, Bokura to Keplar, Meipuri, Wonder Wormhole, Blue Moon, Dondon♪Galaxyy!, Wonderland, Mirai Treature, Aa Ii Ue wo, and hello,world -Relative Mix.

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