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[Vocaloid] DECO*27 4th Major Album "Conti New"

Title: Conti New
Artist: DECO*27

Release date: March 26th 2014

This is DECO*27's first major all Hatsune Miku album and his 4th major album overall. It comes with a CD, DVD, and a 12 page bootlet. The cover features 3 seven inch pieces of paper.

01. Streaming Heart
02. Ojama Mushi
03. Dokusenyoku
04. Lonely Shit
05. Starlight Girl
06. Tankobu Baby
07. Oosouji
08. Otogibanashi
09. Anti-Beat
10. Mousouzei
11. an
12. 8-gatsu 31-nichi

01. Mousouzei Music Video
02. Otogibanashi Music Video
03. Aimai Elegy Music Video
04. Oosouji Music Video
05. Dokusenyoku Music Video

[Store Exclusive Bonuses]
- Animate: B2 Size Poster featuring "Anti-Beat" by akka
- TSUTAYA: B2 Size Poster featuring "Streaming Heart" by Gagame
- Toranoana: B2 Size Poster featuring "Mousouzei" by Awoko
- Other participating stores: Sticker featuring "Ojama Mushi" by Ryo-no
Info from Animate: and UMAA:

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