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[Utatte] CLAMU Major Album

Artists: CLAMU from (.5) (clear & amu)

Release date: April 2nd 2014
Official site:

This is the first album from PointFive(.5) members amu & clear's unit CLAMU! Featured are the theme songs of mobile otome game "Iza, Shutsujin! Koisen DainiMaku ~Kaihen~" called "Hishou" and "Omoide Hirari". Will include songs composed by popular producers akagami, Heavenz, baker, and more. There will also be original songs composed by amu and clear themselves. There will be 10 songs in total, all of which are duets. Jacket art is by Akiakane.

01. Leyline Scape (music & lyrics by Heavenz)
02. Hishou (music & lyrics by Yoshida Kazuto) *theme song of Iza, Shuutsujin! Koisen Dainimaku ~Kaihen~*
03. It's the end (music & lyrics by amu, arrangement by Rino @ FancyZoo)
04. undecidable (lyrics by PUPI, music & arrangement by SunaP)
05. Crossraod (music & lyrics by Baker)
06. Dive Drop (music & lyrics by Akagami)
07. Succubus (music & lyrics by clear, arrangement by Ishikawa Yousen)
08. Omoide Hirari (music & lyrics & arrangement by SunaP) *theme song of Iza, Shuutsujin! Koisen Dainimaku ~Kaihen~*
09. Afternight Wonderland (music & lyrics by KusoinakaP, arrangement by Matsuoka Miyako)
10. koko (lyrics by dezzy(IshiokuP), music & arrangement by Akagami)

Animate (first press bonus: CLAMU Radio (Special Episode) CD):

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