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[utaite] cleanero's ZERO

Title: ZERO
Artist: cleanero

Release date: February 19th 2014
Official site:

This is the major debut mini-album of clear and nero's unit "cleanero". This album features album version of the tracks from their sold-out event exclusive single "DEAD OR LIE?/camellia". It also features the image song "Alice" used for a PV promoting KADOKAWA's Kagami Takaya's book "Mokushiroku Alice".

01. Alice (music/arr: Ichikawa Yousen, lyrics: cleanero & K
02. Camellia (lyrics: nero, music: NAOKI HARA, arr: Ichikawa Yousen)
03. Sweetest Apple (lyrics: clear & K, music: clear, arr: Ichikawa Yousen) 
04. Stargate (lyrics/music: nero, arr: Ichikawa Yousen) 
05. Dead or Lie (music/arr: Ichikawa Yousen, lyrics: cleanero & K)
06. Regret in the Rain (lyrics/music: clear, arr: Ichikawa Yousen)
07. Good Night (lyrics: K, music: NAOKI HARA, arr: Ichikawa Yousen)

[Store Exclusive First Press Bonus]
- Animate: cleanero "ZERO" Bonus DVD
- All other stores: cleanero "ZERO" Bonus Postcard with a copy of their autograph


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