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[Vocalo] All Vocaloid Attack #2

Title: TamStar Records presents ALL VOCALOID ATTACK #2
Artists: Various VocaloP

Release date: February 19th 2014

This is the second in the AVA series. It features the use of many different Vocaloids by popular VocaloPs. This is a small scale commercial release.

01. TOKYO HEAVEN / HachioujiP feat. Lily
02. Ende/ tilt-six feat. GUMI
03. transparent / Kameria feat. GUMI
04. Fool's Mate / Circus-P feat. VY2V3
05. Lobelia no Tsuikai / Yuuyu feat. IA
06. faraway / Yuyoyuppe feat. Gachapoid
07. vow / baker feat. IA
08. Perfect Girl / takamatt feat.KAITO
09. Love Gravity / Zanio feat. Aoki Lapis
10. Kurokami no Relato / emon feat.Lily

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