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It's been a great 5 years.

When I first got into Utattemita, ofurotaimu was one of my main sources for information. The fandom was still rough around the edges and Nico Nico Douga wasn't very foreigner friendly. Because of that, the community felt very close knit and I made many friends. Group Skype chats that went on for months and endless Twitter flailings. Watching daikaigis together, making cracky haiku, all with people from all around the world who love the same thing.

I was surprised when Nikki asked me to help mod the community. I felt like a newbie and had little confidence I could do well, but I don't regret taking up the responsibility because it's been a blast. This my first time being heavily invested/involved in a site and it was lots of fun discussing with Nikki and the other mods on what to do next. It became more of a site over a community, but I was so proud of being part of it.

We had many dreams and ideas for ofurotaimu, but unfortunately real life gets in the way and the fandom has moved on to different directions. I have regrets that I couldn't do more, but it has been a struggle to update these past year or so. While I will still update the ofurotaimu Twitter with news and namahousou announcements, it's still a sad goodbye. I hope I can still keep in touch with everyone I've met directly or indirectly through this community.

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