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Ah let's see... I guess it's always sad to see yet another community I'm in are closing in, especially because being in ofurotaimu has given me so many things like new friends and knowledge over nnd itself

I joined for like... 4 years (?) Already?! And during those years I've met a lot of amazing people in the community and it feels like, being in here has been such a blessing for me. I started from knowing nothing about nnd and its feature from here I am and to be frank if I haven't found ofurotaimu I probably will never got into the nnd fandom (esp vocaloid) as much as it is now :')
Though my contribution in this community is pretty low, and I never really met any of the mods irl (although I wished I ever had the chances too someday w) I really glad I've met you guys! I hope even with the community closing down we can still talk on other media sometime. I've been helping with news update after I offer myself to help and I did enjoy doing it, although I'm sad that I can't help much anymore due to my irl issues lately but thank you for giving me the chances to help the mods (stephie esp maybe w) to update ofurotaimu each time

I have never expected to said this right now but, thank you for being a part of my life and even though the community is closing in I still hope to talk with everyone else in here on the future! Thank you ofurotaimu community for giving such a wonderful color to my life!

(I typed this on phone and I must admit... My finger feels like dying rn wwwwwww)

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