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Producer Thursday: wowaka

A more popular producer this week. Is there any Vocaloid fan who doesn't know him? :D


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Wowaka or GenjitsuTouhiP is a rather popular Vocaloid producer despite the fact that he has only started uploading songs a year ago and that he only has nine songs in his mylist. If you do not know wowaka, I suggest you take a trip to the Vocaloid rankings, where two of his songs are considered regulars.

Wowaka got his producer name (GenjitsuTouhi or "escapism") from his own comment in his first upload where he said, "Escapism is great, isn't it?" He said that his first upload, In the Gray Zone was his first attempt at Vocaloid, but his Miku was tuned really well and he gained quite a following. Now, he's in the list of the few producers whose works have earned more than a million views (Ura Omote Lovers), like ryo, minato, doriko, Ago Aniki, cosMo, etc.

Wowaka's music is hard to describe for me since I don't know any terms when it comes to electronica-like music. Sometimes his music reminds me of game music, like in Boku no Sainou. He uses piano/keyboards and bass well and his beats are interesting. All his uploads are similar in melody and beat, even without watching the PV or reading the blurb, you'll know it's his work. His PVs are also interestingly monochromatic XD, consisting only of black, gray and white tones with various shapes and lettering.

Miku is the only Vocaloid he uses, although he used GUMI at one point to duet with Miku in Tsumiki no Ningyou. He tunes his Miku to sing very high and thinly, to the point of deafening the listeners (if you don't believe me, listen to Lineart XD;). His high-pitched Miku is both a good and bad thing: his songs get this "different streak" which makes them interesting but some of them also tend to be unbearable to the ears after a few listens.

To put it simply, wowaka is a producer whose works you will either love so much or hate so much.

Trivia 1: Wowaka's profile in atwiki has an interesting trivia about the first syllables of his songs take the last syllable of the previous song -- at least to a certain part. (He didn't manage to continue after Zureteiku.

Grayzone ni teTenohiraRain AatoToosenboBoku no SainouUra Omote RabaazuZureteiku.

Trivia 2: Wowaka sings in his lives (for some reason, he likes singing FullkawaP's Alice. He has a nice, husky voice, similar to Asamaru's but pitched lower :).

sample works

In the Gray Zone | nicovideo | youtube | lyrics |
Tenohira | nicovideo | youtube | lyrics |
Toosenbo | nicovideo | youtube | lyrics |
Zureteiku | nicovideo | youtube | lyrics |

nikki says:
I tend to be bipolar when it comes to wowaka's works. I love Rolling Girl and Toosenbo and Zureteiku but I can't listen to Lineart or Boku no Sainou ^^;. Anyway, I think his intros are very interesting, especially those using piano (and his Tenohira intro reminds me of Heart's Alone LOL). Minus Miku screeches, I like his music arrangement very much, I have to agree with some listener comments on how his music is "awesome and random".