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Introduce Yourself Post.

Hello. This is the sort-of intro post for commenters/readers of [community profile] ofurotaimu. Remember I said I welcome people to post pimp posts of their own? But I think I might've scared people off or something, idk, but it's not working LOL. So, this is like a replacement for it.

I talk a lot in the community (super lots) but I don't know much about you guys except for those times we flail around in the comments. And it's a bit lonely not knowing people, especially those who aren't registered in LJ or DW since I only know you by name (or worse, IP address, wtf). So, take this as a survey for me and other readers to know more about you and the things that make you happy :). Who knows, you might also meet people who have the same flail material as you do.

So, if you frequent this comm whether you use DW/LJ or none, please please fill this out. All fields are optional, don't answer some questions if you don't want to. I'd love to know everyone's favorites and how you got into the fandom :3. As for the favorites part, take it as your kind of "pimp post" for your favorites so feel free to include links and spazz and whatnot :D. It's your spotlight, so write whatever you want. Just remember, this is a public post which can be read by people everywhere even from Jupiter :D.

If you need a sample, your form obsessed mod answered her own questionnaire and posted her answers in the comments ^^;. Yay!

Just copy the form below and use it for your comment. Oh, and this will be a sticky post so when you visit the comm, this'll be the first post to appear until I make a proper index. :)

Thanks for answering! By the way, if you want to become a member of Dreamwidth, just tell me. I have some invite codes to spare :D
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[identity profile] yahchan.livejournal.com 2010-08-31 10:20 am (UTC)(link)
name: Yah
blog: [identity profile] yahchan.livejournal.com
country: Malaysia
favorite food: None in particular but I do love cheesecake and as long as it involves banana and ice cream!

First loves
how did you get into vocaloid & utattemita? I used to hang out at an online anime radio and there, I heard Love is War(Hatsune Miku) and I fell in love. I checked out Cantarella and Cendrillion too. That was(end of 2009) my first brief exposure to Vocaloid because after that I didn't pursue it any further since it looks too deep. Then, I got addicted to Magnet and I'm sure everyone is painfully aware that Magnet is full of covers~ though I was frustrated that I've no clue what people were commenting about, all I care is how HAWT the song is! Thanks to Magnet, I've a slight grasp of all this. I subscribed amonderevex@YT and clicked on songs when I felt like it. Trust me, I tried to avoid them because those songs can make me into a super silly fangirl. After a few months like that, I heard Eh? Aa Sou(shin shakaijin) and I fell, HARD. I searched for its romaji and stumbled here through [community profile] onsenjikan. I nearly gave up since it was too overwhelming ;__; It was just like, -slams to a wall- kind of exposure to Utattemita and Vocaloids. Though thanks to my stubborn nature to procrastinate on my hw, here I am! XD
first utaite you ever encountered: Consciously, it's clear because of his fans and their comments.
first producer you ever encountered: wowaka

favourite vocaloids: Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, GUMI, KAITO, Gakupo
favourite producers: wowaka, DECO*27, machigeritaP, hachi, papiyon
favourite utaite: Shin shakaijin, Dasoku, Kettaro, Miichan, pokota, REN, Gero, soraru, VIN, wotamin, Aki Akane, Yamai
favorite singing units/collabs: SekihanxPiko, wotaminxVivienne, MiichanxRemyuu, RenxDasoku
favorite artists from other yattemita stuff: none in particular though I've an interest on Tissue-hime :3

how did you find this comm? -read above-
which part do you like the most? Utattemita and Vocaloid ranking and all those lovely updates/news + sharing fufu
which part do you dislike the most? This question isn't supposed to be here =3
any suggestions? I'm a person who's grateful and easy to please when it comes to this stuff orz

anything else? I love this community and eternally grateful to Nikki for her priceless hardwork on it! Thank you for bringing me the thing that can make me smile :D
Oh, please be mesmerised with head-tilting!
All of those favs may change with time! XD Perhaps there will be more people to add since I'm still fresh with this stuff~
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[personal profile] yahchan 2011-02-23 04:19 am (UTC)(link)
Finally able to make a DW account! With my sheer creativity for my username 8D