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The time is finally here, the final video for OfuroSmiling is up on Youtube!
And once again, thanks everyone for participating in #smiling2012 with us at Twitter!

What is OfuroSmiling?
During New Years, nikki ([personal profile] fascinates) suggested singing lines from halyosy's Smiling and tweeting them under the #smiling2012 tag at Twitter. Gianglh mixed a chorus version from the tweets and we had an overwhelming response of 47 singers! NatsutaP ([personal profile] natsuta) suggested making a video, and with the help of several illustrators, we have the finished video below!
Embedded Youtube video under the cut )
Download the song here.
You can view the lyrics and who sang what lines at this earlier entry. (Also includes special thanks from the mixer)

Credits from the Video
Original song by halyosy

Singers: ai_chan, ehmz, ameiryiua, annisan_l, arya3087, asatenshi, bakery, confuzzledbear, crystalgems, cumikatchu, fascinais, gianglh, hikat_tan, himuro2525, IZA_0516, kamiWackii, kayuri, kaze/Tina, listen, makichuu, Ylan, melting, mienaihoshi, mikuracake, MIN, mysterious, natsutaP, nxia, pengy, varav, ravient, recordist, relaxed80, Selka, Tune, shamscribe, shinG_2525, skippukun, Miya, stephieku, the_desserter, thenoeychu, vhinar, xChiiyoko, YuaLaurant, zynzinnati

Mix: gianglh
Movie: natsutaP
Illustration: natsutaP, Selka, YuaLaurant, Masugushoo
Guest Illustrations: Gwilanna, Yannie, hikat_tan, arya3087, kaze

Special Thanks to ofurotaimu, Nico Nico Douga, and you!

Thank you to everyone for their hard work, I'm really proud of everyone and I'm so amazed we got this far. I hope we can do more choruses like this in the future!

Also if anyone would like me to add links to their journal/Twitter/Youtube account in the credits, please leave a comment!
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Thanks everyone for participating in #smiling2012 with us at Twitter! 

For those of you who are wondering about this project, this started as a New Years Twitter meme (started by nikki?), where people would sing a line or two from the song "Smiling" by halyosy and tweet it with the hashtag #smiling2012. You can see more info and work in progress at the  previous OfuroSmiling! post here

The song is now fully mixed and completed and we had a total of 47 participants! Thank you very much for @gianglh for putting together the sound clips and mixing the chorus! I have provided a link to the final MP3 later in the post.

Important Note: A few people have expressed interest in making a video and doing illustrations for our Smiling cover. If you're interested or want to help, please let us know on Twitter or leave a comment on this post! (Anonymous commenting is enabled, so feel free to comment, even if you have not joined this community.)  It would be awesome if this could happen! :)

You can stream and download the song at
gianglh's Soundcloud.

Credits and lyrics under the cut )
 Thanks to Halyosy and everyone on Niconico who created this beautiful song. 
 Thanks to @ofurotaimu who started this wonderful meme.
 Thanks to @stephieku who helped me with asking everyone to join, retweeted my tweets and edited the post all the time as I requested.
 Thanks to @aisatsunin, @nxia, @IZA_0516, @skippukun who kindly replied to my requests and sent me the vocal-only tracks.
 Thanks to @vhinar, @shinG_2525, @asatenshi, @lina, @listen, @xChiiyoko, @kaze, @minaholic, @himuro, @arya3087 who spent time recording so many parts so that my work become much easier.
 Thanks to @hikat_tan, @yualaurant, @selka, @natsutaP, @mikuracake, @relaxed80 who spent time redoing their parts according to my selfish requests.
Thanks to @Shurikan, @fascinais, @Serphictune, @theoneychu, @arya3087, @megustasamantha, @zynzinnati, @natsutaP, @asatenshi, @Selka, @meiting18, @vhinar, @annisan_l, @ShinG_2525, @daemon_lal … who sent me support message while I’m making this.
 Thanks to everyone else who joined. I actually didn’t leave out ANYONE. I didn’t use some parts because there’re so many people singing the same line, or sometimes the lines are a little off-key to put in the music but I  make sure that everyone who submitted has some parts in this chorus. I’m so sorry that some of you may not be able to hear your voice clearly but please keep in mind that without your voice, it WON’T be able to sound like this :3
I know I’m not doing the best job here, but I sincerely wish everyone could smile when listening to this. 

Sorry for those who wanted to participate but couldn't meet the suddenly announced deadline. This project was quite impromptu and we weren't planning to make it into a song until gianglh brought it up. The response was quite larger than expected. Maybe next time we'll have a similar ofurotaimu chorus project that's more organized! :)  - Stephie
Kanji lyrics
Romanized lyrics and translation
Original video (NND)
Original video (Youtube)

Let's keep on smiling in 2012! \(*^▽^*)/

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Thanks everyone for participating in #smiling2012 with us at Twitter! We got all the lines we need! Sorry if you couldn't participate this time, maybe we'll do something similar in the future! 

We are celebrating the brand new year of 2012 by singing our favorite lines from halyosy's "Smiling". There was quite a response and Gianglh (@gianglh) suggested making an ofurotaimu chorus version combining the contributions on Twitter.

However, we're missing a few lines, we're looking for people to sing the following lines:
Read more... )

Feel free to keep on submitting lines, even if they have been done before :) But the lines mentioned above are our priority! Also, if you don't want your soundfile to be used, or you want to redo it, please let us know in the comments or via Twitter! Don't hesitate to ask questions! :) 

Kanji lyrics
Romanized lyrics
Original video (NND)
Original video (Youtube)

Let's keep on smiling in 2012! \o/
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This is an unusual but important post! This post will have both English and Japanese parts.
珍しいなポストですが、大事なことです!w このポストが英語と日本語記事があります


The Weekly Utattemita Ranking is every old and new utattemita fan's ultimate guide to knowing more about utaite and the community in general. We've all be helped greatly by the rankings and just watching it keeps us updated on the newest trends and new popular people in the community. In one way or another, we're all indebted to the Weekly Utaran to, putting it simply, survive in this community.

Aside from that, the upnushi of the Weekly Utaran has been very accommodating to foreign fans. It's not really known to many, but sometimes he personally assists in the writeups here in ofurotaimu. When I can't load the video, he gives me alternatives on how to view the rankings. He has also created mirrors of both the Weekly Utaran and the Monthly Nico Nico Indies ranking in the English site of NND ( in order for non-Japanese speaking fans to be able to comment to their hearts' content in English. He also refers people to this community whenever it's needed.

That said, I think that all of these efforts needed to be recognized. So in this post, we're showing him our thanks and appreciation for the three years he had painstakingly created ranking videos for us to enjoy and learn from.




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Last year, when I posted an anniversary post, there were only 75 members in this community. This year, Ofuro enters its second anniversary with more than 450 members and even more subscribers outside DW/LJ. Such a big difference in a small time! This is one of those times when I feel so loved ♥.

This community has grown so much, even beyond my expectations. Thank you for always visiting and being around, whether in twitter, tumblr or here in the main community. This year was a busy one for me, but it was always fun to post in this comm despite the lack of time because we know there will always be someone reading them :3. There are so many new names, some of them I haven't even talked to ever (but we'll always have time for that), and I hope each of you still enjoy coming here and flailing with us!

Thank youuuuuu so much for being a part of Ofurotaimu and I hope you guys aren't sick of us yet! Honestly, you are the best people I've ever met ♥. Thank you especially to [personal profile] stephieku for helping out a great deal in making this community alive. And to [personal profile] southerncross and [personal profile] seraphictune for making sure our tumblr is updated.

In line with the new year ahead of us, there are some changes you might be noticing starting, well, today. First of them is what you can see in the image above. Yep, we have a domain now. Ofurotaimu.Net will be a portal for every site related to Ofurotaimu. This includes the tumblr, twitter, [community profile] onsenjikan, etc. That way, you don't have to go to every site to check for updates. We also plan on listing stuff there for easier access. For now, you can see the Guidelines index and the list of VocaloidPs with their spotlights. There is also a staff profile there for people who want to know the awesome people who maintain Ofurotaimu's sites.

There are other updates, but since I have been busy last week and this week, I wasn't able to complete them all (stupid deadlines ;; ) but Stephie and I will TRY our best to complete everything, at least before August ends. I hope everyone is okay with that D:.

Also, the ofuro keychains above are very much real XD;. If Stephie and I ever bump into you in a con or random gathering of sorts, you're most likely to get one XD. We...actually aren't sure what to do with them yet, but we'll see if we can cook up something (and make some more of the keychains, too XD).

OK OK I'm such a long-winded person. Again, thanks for everything, guys. We hope to see you hanging around this year, too! And we'll try our bestest best to maintain the comm as lively, updated and cracked as possible. For cracked purposes, have a haiku.

A happy birthday
To the fuwafuwa comm,

--- nikki, 073011

PS: Please feel free to post your greetings below. Plus points for creativity :D.
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Two years ago on June 25/26, Megpoid/GUMI was released. Unlike Hatsune Miku, she was released by Internet Co. Ltd., the same company that released Gakupo. The official name of her program is MEGPOID. She was nicknamed GUMI as reference to her voicebank source, Nakajima Megumi. It is said that her program is officially named Megpoid, but her avatar is named GUMI, although the facts are blurry. Anyway, since it's easier to pronounce, GUMI, it stuck as her most-often used name.

GUMI is said to have a very realistic voice, but at first, no one seems to use her much due to her difficulty level. Slowly, though, she gained enough popularity and users that she's probably the second or third most-used Vocaloid today. We're even getting a GUMI/Megpoid extend!

Since GUMI is my most favorite Vocaloid, I felt compelled to make a pimp post as well as a spam post for her birthday. Under the cut are lists of songs which were popular during her release and during her 1st year anniversary. Of course, it won't be complete without a list of my own favorites.

NOW, in the comments, feel free to post YOUR FAVORITE GUMI songs. I'm sure you all have one XD;. Please post them as links + the composer. YT and Nico links are welcome, but embeds are not allowed in the comments, I think (OTL). ANYWAY, I hope you have fun reminiscing GUMI's early moments as well as some of her hits!

nikki likes making lists as much as she likes GUMI )

So what is/are YOUR favorite GUMI song/s? It doesn't matter if I've already put it up above, feel free to share your favorites in the comments or else this won't be a spam post anymore ^^;.
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This is our April Fools prank for 2011 :D. Some are sadly not fooled (I am losing confidence in my convincing prowess /woe) but most seem to have been caught. Sorry XD;. No, I'm not really sorry though XD. I hope you enjoyed this year's prank. I'll start thinking about next year's /shot.

Anyway, I'm putting the rest of the "prank" under the cut since it seems to still be causing panic despite the fact that HAFD is nearly over.

april fools 2011 )

Heads Up!

Mar. 27th, 2011 12:11 pm
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Just a heads up for the people here.

[ profile] singing_robots @ LJ is starting to host a monthly recommendation post where you can ask for recommendations of Vocaloid and Utattemita songs be it a specific genre, a specific artist or even a specific emotional theme. You can also give your own recs to people!

If you want to learn about specific genre/themes of Vocaloid songs but can't search on your own, please do go there and be enlightened :)!

First Post is here.
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It has been two weeks since the Great Earthquake in Japan, and we're witnesses to them starting to rebuild from the damages of both earthquake and tsunami. Of course, there are still some unresolved problems they're facing but so far, their optimism is unparalleled.

As a last post (hopefully) regarding this earthquake, we've compiled a collection of earthquake-related tweets written by utaite and producers during and after the earthquake. Some of them are funny and entertaining, some are encouraging, some are complaining, some are even desperate/depressing, but all of them show what these people saw/experienced and how they felt at their time of crisis. This post is not meant to make people sad/guilty, by the way. It's merely a representation of what happened in Japan and how they're interpreted in the eyes of these people we respect and love.

Not all of the utaite/producers have meaningful, earthquake-related tweets, so I'm sorry if you didnt' see your favorite ^^;. I went through all of the accounts and hand-picked the tweets and I might have missed a few better ones. But anyway, there are only 100 tweets (with the utaite first and then Ps by order of names) but the post is a bit long, so I hope you don't mind and read through the end!

100 tweets to commemorate )
Thank you for reading this far! We hope that by this post, you got to know more about some utaite and Ps and have learned to appreciate them more :).
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As all of you probably know by now, Japan has been severely damaged by powerful earthquakes, the worst being yesterday at magnitude 8.9. Sendai and its neighboring areas have also been affected by resulting tsunamis, as you might have seen in pictures, videos and news reports.

Here are some info and links you might find useful if you want to update yourself. Links here include news posts, streaming sites of Japanese news channels, earthquake monitoring sites and donation links in case you want to extend your help. Fandom links are included, too.

We also open this post to any commenters (members, non-members, anonymous people) so that you can leave your wishes of safety and well-being to our producers, singers, dancers, musicians, and generally everyone having a difficult time in Japan. Feel free to leave messages below in both English and Japanese. We'll be linking this site in twitter and other social networks so they might be read.

We also welcome additional information as well as other links that we could add to this list. Thank you.

informative sites, donation drives, and other info )

If you have any messages or wishes, especially if you do not have twitter to directly address people in Japan, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Nico Nico Douga has set up a fund-raising movement for the victims of the earthquake. The proceeds will go to Red Cross Japan. You need to watch and support Foo-san's video with Nico Points. Each point is equivalent to 1 yen. Watch the video here. For an English explanation, please click here.


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