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YonoP / よのP

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It's been a long time since I did a producer's spotlight, so I'm writing today about one of my favorite Yuzuki Yukari VocaloPs :). Note: As usual, I'm using "he" as a pronoun, but I'm not sure of their gender but I can't use "their" because I have to distinguish them as an individual.

YonoP debuted as a Vocaloid producer in 2009 with a song named "Kuusou no Machi". He was previously a member of a 2-member circle, but is currently working as an individual. In his nearly three years as a producer, he has released a fair amount of songs, with a few remakes using different vocaloids. He is also one of the few Ps who has so far retained their styles constantly throughout their careers. YonoP is mostly known for his song "Hotarubi" using Miku Dark, which was a remake of a previous release using Miku Append.

YonoP's genre is centered on old school guitar rock, similar to the styles of KuwagataP and possibly 40mP. Which is why in the sudden influx of fast, hard rock songs, YonoP's works are a nice break. His guitars are strong and is a big part of his songs; sometimes the intervals between stanzas are a long, melodious display of guitar skills. However, his guitars do not drown out the voices or the other instruments are are regulated well throughout the songs. His bass is usually echoey and flowing along the rhythm which makes it a distinct but welcome addition as opposed to distracting thumps. His drums are not very distinct but they create a nice effect during instrumentals and highlights of the refrain or chorus because they are played very fast. Sometimes, he also uses piano melody, usually high and skipping, making it a nice contrast to the strong guitars.

YonoP's main Vocaloid used to be Hatsune Miku (and Append) but lately, he's taken a liking to using Yuzuki Yukari. His Miku was initially tuned high and solid, but his use of Miku Append gave him a bit more variety to work on. His Yuzuki Yukari is beautifully tuned with a solid, rich voice with a controlled pitch. He has also used GUMI Whisper once, and it's a pity he didn't use her more because she sounded wonderful even in her spoken parts. The vocaloids might sound a bit boring at first because they weren't tuned in a way unique to YonoP alone (unlike other producers with a distinct way of tuning), but all of them are impressive in the sense that they sing without getting drowned under the load of instruments and that their voices are so well-guided that they sound natural and not awkward even when singing high notes.

YonoP has released one solo CD in 2011 and is part of a few compilations including twilight e.p., Shikisai Ongaku Irodority, and Shoujo Jihanki. He will also be releasing a solo album, Glider Record on Vocaloid Master 24.

sample works
Hotarubi (Miku Dark)
Piano (Miku Sweet)
Kuusou no Machi (Miku Append - remake)
Licorice no Tou (GUMI Whisper)
Risky (Yuzuki Yukari)
Sekai Saigo no Hikoushi

nikki says
As I like Yuzuki Yukari so much, I was constantly hunting for good songs sung by her. Last year, YonoP's Yukari song Crow Girl was such a hit, that I ended up checking if he would ever upload more Yukari songs, and I wasn't disappointed. I like his works because the voices do not sound forced or extreme. I think that also makes his songs quite singable and nice to the ears. Right now he's not very prolific although his latest work (Sekai Saigo no Hikoushi) is another wonderful release. I wish he'd use GUMi more, though, since his one GUMI song is the only one with a slightly different genre that his other works, not to mention he tuned GUMI beautifully there.
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Sorry for the lack of spotlights for the past months. It's been kinda hard since both Nikki and I are busy, but hopefully this year will be a better one. Most of the following spotlight was written by a ghost writer friend of mine. I added some of my own comments, but that's all! -Stephie


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Phasma is a self-described electronic producer who first started uploading vocaloid works in 2008. Of his original songs, the upload with the highest view count is 20,000, so he is not one of the most popular or well-known producers, but his style is very unique and instantly recognizable; it's very soft, often using glitchy noise sounds as percussion, and warm, non-abrasive synths. His style is very far from dubstep, techno, and other "loud" areas, often creating soothing, ambient (but not droney) textures.

He only uses Miku in his songs, although not all of his Miku songs have lyrics. His use of autotune is also very melodic, sort of reminiscent of how kz autotunes Miku.

Phasma has collaborated with other electronic producers, releasing songs on compilation albums through Ginga. He also does PV work. He also makes his own videos and PVs, despite their simplicity.

Sample Songs
Mori no Ongaku (Music of the Forest)
Heijitsu Fantasy (Weekday Fantasy)
Me no Mae ni Kimi (You Before My Eyes)

Stephie says
I have to admit, before my friend wrote this spotlight, I didn't know much about Phasma outside of his involvement with Ginga. His music quite different from what I usually listen to, yet still accessible and easy on the ears. Miku is used more like an instrument and often doesn't sing any words. She fits perfectly with all the pleasant tones and notes. His Miku sounds adorable when she does sing lyrics.

Phasma is also heavily involved with an "online label" or group called Bunkai-Kei records. It is headed by Go-qualia and Yako, and features artists of electronica, IDM, and ambient music. Phasma fits right in and one of his albums Mirage EP for free legal download.

Here's also a video interview with Phasma and Nyolfen about Gridplay and their music making process from Youtube.
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PeperonP / Nijihara Peperon (ぺぺろんP/虹原ぺぺろん)

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I've always wanted to write about this producer, but his very long history and vast repertoire took a lot of time to explore (yes, I listened to all of his works). I'm happy that I'm finally able to feature one of my favorite Ps. Apologies if this becomes very long-winded :D.

PeperonP is a long-time Vocaloid producer, starting from a young age in 2007 to upload songs with Miku, and continue on to this year with a vast selection of Vocaloids in tow. He has uploaded more than 80 songs in his VocaloP career, has used almost all Vocaloids in existence, and has tried many genres and instruments--making him one of the most prolific and flexible Vocaloid producers to grace our community. PeperonP got his name from one of his works Peperoncino☆Panic!!, although he has plans to formally change his name to NijiharaP recently.

PeperonP does all the work in his music: from composing, to setting of lyrics, to arranging, and sometimes even the art parts. When he started, he had a friend write the lyrics for him, but he eventually decided to take it upon himself to write his lyrics. He is also pretty obsessed with the meaning of his lyrics and likes seeing what people think of them. Most of the time, his lyrics are strongly emotional, with deeply rooted sentiments and internal conflicts, which is why his songs are always powerful and moving.

Melody-wise, PeperonP is known as the Intro god. That is basically because he has beautiful intro melodies that makes people want to listen to his songs. His intros are usually accelerandos rising to an instant climax (leading to a chorus), or melodies with strong rhythms that induces excited anticipation of the rest of the songs. While he has established a "fixed" reputation about his songs (some fans say they instantly know that a song is his work based on the intro XD), his songs are actually largely varied. He has covered ballads, electropop, traditional folk-sounding pop, jazz, rock, electronica, and others. Despite the variety, though, there is a certain quirk on his compositions that make his songs recognizable. He always starts off with a powerful chorus and has the middle of his songs rise into a climactic bridge towards the end. His songs are said to be largely influenced by anime and game songs, hence the distinct style.

Aside from the large variety in terms of musical styles, his songs are also played using tons of different instruments. As PeperonP is especially good in creating minor melodies, his songs are actually layer after layer after layer of instrument sounds piled on top of each other to create a majestic ensemble. He generously uses the piano, bass, drums, and electronic sounds.

PeperonP's Vocaloid history is very difficult to discuss because of the sheer massiveness of it XD;. He debuted using Hatsune Miku as his primary Vocaloid, but eventually, he moved on to use the Kagamines (especially Rin) in late 2007, Meiko in early 2008, Gakupo in mid-2008, Megurine Luka in early 2009, GUMI in mid-2009, miki in late 2009, Hiyama Kiyoteru and Kaai Yuki in 2010, Nekomura Iroha in late 2010, Lily in 2011, CUL and Tone Rion in late 2012, and IA in mid-2012. He has also created demo songs for both V3Lily and V3Gakupo.

Aside from his wonderful songs and majestic intros and deep, emotional lyrics, what sets PeperonP apart from all other VocaloidPs is his tuning prowess. If there is anyone who can skillfully tune ANY Vocaloid to sound humanlike, it would be PeperonP. All his tuned Vocaloids are considered to be masterpieces because of the intricate and detailed way they sing. Even hard-to-tune Vocaloids like Kaai Yuki and MEIKO sound amazing in his songs. He has no particular quirks in tuning as his Vocaloids sound different depending on the type of song they're singing (e.g., his GUMI sounds whispery in ballads but sounds solid and loud in rock songs).

PeperonP has released a number of doujin albums (as a solo producer or as a part of a doujin group) and has been invited to participate in other releases like EXIT TUNES GUMI and Gakupo albums, The Vocaloid Produced by Yamaha album, Happy Party (GUMI album), etc. You can see the long list here. Aside from that, he is also planning to release his debut album (finally!), a 2-disc CD called ReFraction-BEST of PeperonP-. You can watch a crossfade of the CD here.

On an unrelated note, PeperonP is high school buddies with another VocaloP, No.D. (famous for his song "Kasoukyoku"), and is only 23 years old (he's turning 24 this August). His favorite composers include Kajiura Yuki, Nobuo Uematsu, and Kazuya Takase.

The song list will be very long since I will include all the Vocaloids he has used.

Demo Songs
Lying and Lying - V3 Lily
Avenger - V3 Gakupo

Sample Songs
Mienai Namida wo Nagasu nara - Hatsune Miku
Shade Slide - Kagamine Rin
Ouji no Gaika - Kagamine Len
Suzume no Namida - MEIKO
Flamberge - Megurine Luka
Silver Bullet - GUMI
Satellite - miki
Guilty Verse - Hiyama Kiyoteru
Forgotten Girl - Kaai Yuki
Blessed Child - IA
Lost Memory - CUL
Anna ni Issho Deatta no ni -COVER- - Nekomura Iroha
Thousand Regrets - Tone Rion

Always and Forever - GUMI x Rin
Tooki Hi no Sakura he - Miku x Rin
Subliminal - Miku x Rin x MEIKO
Links to Render - Kagamine Rin x Len

nikki says

I think it should be pretty obvious that I love PeperonP's works, especially his GUMI ones! I first discovered him in the 12Stars CD, wherein his GUMI song "Liberty Heart" was included, I was immediately taken by his tuning and interesting melodies that I started looking him up. I then discovered his song "Guilty Verse", which remains my favorite Kiyoteru song of all time. And what followed was a lot of firsts for me. I am especially picky with tuning when it comes to new Vocaloids and he ALWAYs makes me change my mind about them (like with Miki and IA). I don't think I've come across a song of him that I do not like, and I always look forward to hearing new songs from him. My favorite songs by him are "Silver Bullet" (GUMI), "Always and Forever" (GUMI x Rin), Guilty Verse (Kiyoteru), Satellite (miki), and Blessed Child (IA).

I think that if you're into Vocaloid, you should never miss PeperonP's works, since they are actually one of the best you can hear. If you're hesitant about going through his massive mylist, I suggest listening to the ones included in his album (and buy the album, too!) since it mostly contains his most popular works. :) Okay, I think I've rambled enough XD;.
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Although ATOLS is usually referred to as one person, ATOLS him/herself has never addressed to his/herself as such, and so it's often questioned if ATOLS actually refers to a group instead of an individual producer. For the purpose of this spotlight, I'll address ATOLS as "him".

ATOLS started uploading his works in Nico Nico Douga sometime in 2010, although it's said that he has been releasing his original works way before, sometime in 2007. He also won a contest with one of his songs and has a couple of instrumental album releases. Anyway, no one actually knows for sure what ATOLS' real identity is or how his past compositions went, since most of the info are unconfirmed rumors :(.

ATOLS' work is hard to define, but it is mostly generalized as Mikutronica, with a fusion of electronic beats and rhythms vibrating against Miku's low, whispery, but incredibly dramatic voice. He uses a variety of styles, usually with your usual electrorock, downtempo/ambient, a dash of trance-like rhythms, and recently, a surprising shift to dubstep. His beats tend to be erratic with a subtle pattern that listening to his songs is like taking in a flux of messy but hypnotizing beats. He also likes abusing his woofer as well as echo effects, making his songs a real auditory treat, even to those who do not like electronic music that much.

Hatsune Miku (normal and Append) is his only Vocaloid, and she is tuned in two ways: one is low, drawly, and almost human like voice and another is a super high, whispery but overreaching voice. However, as his concentration is mostly in producing ear-gasmic melodies, his Miku tends to sing only a few lines of words before getting enveloped by crazy, wonderful beats.

ATOLS has not released a full album at the moment, although he had released a couple of songs under KarenT and has participated in that wonderful album "Lifework".

sample songs
 Ω 【AtolsRemix】

nikki says
ATOLS has been on my list of favorite Ps ever since he came out with "Babel", which is a wonderful treat of electrorock...among other themes XD;. Ever since it's been a wonderful pleasure to listen to his works because, as someone who only got to like electronica after discovering VocaloidPs like him, I tend to be very choosy with Mikutronica works (only he and AVTechNO! are the hardcore electronica Ps I listen to regularly). He was also a great contribution to my liking of ambient/trance-like songs and recently, he even got me to like dubstep (and I swore dubstep is a plague to my ears). He is truly a man (group?) of great potential and I always wait for his next work, eager to listen to how he will amaze me this time. My favorites by him, by the way is all of the above Babel, Breath, and Omega normal and remix.
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Raioo / らいおお

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Raioo is a fairly new producer and has only started uploading his original works in Nico Nico Douga sometime late 2010. Since his debut, he has only uploaded five songs, but they're all pretty good, not to mention interestingly varied in many ways.

As he is a new producer, Raioo seems to be still exploring the genre where he sits more comfortably. All his works are largely varied from each other. He started his career with a slightly rockish beat with heavy bass and a pop-ish happy beat. He has also tried RnB and recently, cheery and upbeat electropop. Outside his electronic beats, his guitars sound pretty impressive with clear, echoey overtones. His bass also appears distinct in his non-electropop works and his percussion always sound muffled but nevertheless fits the aura of his songs well.

He primarily uses Hatsune Miku in his songs but recently, he has taken to using Rin. His Rin is tuned sharp but not high and screechy. His Miku changes tuning depending on the type of song, but she is mostly whispery and a bit high, which makes it seem like she gets drowned in the music. His Vocaloids cannot hold long notes that well, but he makes it up by leaving a certain quirk wherein they sing with a slight lilt in the ends of their phrases.

Nekojita Crazy (pop feat. Miku)
Momoiro Vanilla (electropop feat. Miku)
Mata Ashita Ne (rock ballad feat. Miku)
fake of love (RnB feat. Miku/Rin)
Love You * Love You (electropop feat. Rin)

nikki says
I actually first knew of Raioo via twitter when people RT his works. His first song I heard was Momoiro Vanilla and back then, I wasn't really a fan of electropop. However, his second work Mata Ashita ne impressed me so much, not to mention surprised me because of the sudden style change. I like his guitars so much as well as his rhythms, because they're always a nice listen and are never boring. My favorite by him would be his only RnB song. It's quite hard to find good VocaloRnB songs and his is remarkable.
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Bumpyurushi / Bumpyうるし

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Bumpyurushi is a veteran VocaloP, composing and rearranging Vocaloid songs since 2007. He is also known as YakiimoP (in hiragana) from his Miku song, "Yakiimo" (in katakana). You might know him from his very cute GUMI song, Wanwan-o!, which he also drew/animated himself.

Bumpyurushi's works are often dubbed as "trance", but I'm more inclined to think of it as general pop-ish electronica, unless he explicitly stated that it's a trance/techno mix. It can't be denied, however, that his songs are always rich in electronic rhythms and his slower songs have a hint of trance-like melodies in them. His songs are very broad in style. Some of them are cute electropop, some are serious trance-like melodies with haunting piano melodies, some are ethnic-inspired with electronic echoey melodies. Even the theme of his songs vary greatly. There are cute, cracked songs, usually animated and drawn by him, and then there are the surreal, serious songs. Such kind of variety represents the expertise and experience he has.

Despite starting with Hatsune Miku, Bumpyurushi has used a lot of other Vocaloids: Kagamine Rin, Kaito, Gakupo, GUMI, miki, CUL, and Yuzuki Yukari. As some of them are used by him only once, it's hard to define if he has a specific style in tuning. He also tunes them quite differently to match the theme of their songs. All of his Vocaloids, though, have an amazing way of singing in vibrato.

Aside from composing songs, he also plays the cello, as you can see in his cover of Salut d'Amour by Edward Elgar. He also plays the shamisen and kashaka. You can see his kashaka teachers playing the instrument in this video he uploaded. He also plays the cello for other producer's works, such as in YowaneP's Kago no Naka no Hinaryuu feat. Megurine Luka.

He is also part of Vocalomakets with PayaP, NiitoP, TakeponG, Kihee, KagomeP, and Azuma. Vocalomakets, a sub-unit of AHS, develops Vocaloid system with the inclusion of what VocaloPs look for in a Vocaloid. They have recently released Yuzuki Yukari, which is said to be one of the Vocaloids with a large usability range because of her impressive voicebank and voiceroid (for talking) version.

Bumpyurushi doesn't have his own album release, but has participated in compilation albums such as Try!, Nostalgia II ~Compilation of 13 Jewels~, and EXIT TUNES PRESENTS GUMIsm from Megpoid. He also has his own web/sound factory commission site Bumpy Factory, where he keeps track of web applications and original sounds that he develops.

sample songs
Sora (Hatsune Miku)
Asa no Jikan (Kagamine Rin)
Lilith/Electro -Antiochal Mix- (Megurine Luka)
Ryuuten ni Noboru (miki; shamisen/cello by Bumpyurushi, too)
A・Re・Re (GUMI)
Setsugetsuka (Yuzuki Yukari)

nikki says
When I was new to Vocaloid, I encountered Bumpyurushi's Yakiimo feat. Miku as one of my first Miku songs and while the song didn't stick much with me (it's a song about sweet potatoes and I don't like sweet potatoes much), the animation amused me so much. The next time I encountered his work was when I was looking for good Miki songs and stumbled upon Ryuuten ni Noboru, which is really a lovely song (yes, that has been two years since then). I thought he mostly does folk/ethnic-inspired songs so guess my surprise when I looked at his mylist and it's a beautiful, big salad of genre XD;. My favorite song by him will also be, definitely, Yuzuki Yukari's Setsugetsuka and it also remains my favorite Yukari song to date. I especially like how he managed to display all of Yukari's strength in the song, including the speaking part (you totally would think it's a person!), the versatility of switching ranges, and the heartfelt singing. It's a masterpiece that totally needs more attention (like Yukari herself). Ok, it's obvious I'm very biased towards Yukari so I will stop now XD;.
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GingahoumenP / 銀河方面P

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GingahoumenP started uploading his Vocaloid works in Nico Nico Douga sometime in mid-2010. Since then, he has been actively composing Vocaloid songs and has managed to to upload 16 songs and 2 remakes up to the date of this post's writing. He has first used the name "Taka J-Boy" for his first upload, but he was promptly named "GingahoumenP" in relation to his song "Ginga no Katasumi". In real life, he is also the professional composer Jinno Takashi.

There is really no concrete musical style that Gingahoumen follows. While he mostly composes pop-ish songs, sometimes with rock/folk influences, it's hard to discern similarities or quirks in his songs that reveal his style. He even has a different set of instruments for each song, so you might find yourself listening to orchestraic violin backgrounds at one song and then strong string/drum ensemble in another song. This is a good thing, though, since it means there's a lot of variety in his works and you can be surprised each time he uploads! Most of his songs are upbeat, infused with electronic beats and usually with dexterously sharp guitar playing. It's just a pity that since a large portion of his works are pop in nature, the guitars tend to be muffled instead of echoey.

GingahoumenP mostly uses Hatsune Miku in his works, softened but high-pitched. Despite being high-pitched, Miku doesn't drown out the melody and actually doesn't sound screechy or steely to the ears. Aside from Miku, he has also used GUMI, who was apparently quite hard to use for him, as well as Miki and Iroha. All of these three are tuned remarkably lower and shakier than Miku. Despite that, all of his Vocaloids are known to have wonderfully clear singing even if the songs are sometimes sung with fast lyrics.

GingahoumenP released his first album Milky Way Fantasy during VoM@s 17. Before that, he has released two mini-albums, "WhiteMoon BlackMoon" and "PureTime". He has also participated in the collaboration "Vocaloid from Nico Nico Douga Vocalo Tokkyuu Super Express Compilation 02".

sample songs
Mugen no Synapse (Miku)
Tsuki - Kage - Mai - Ka (Miku)
Kousoku☆Drive (Miki)
Just Call Your Heart (GUMI)
SweetKiss♡BitterKiss (Iroha mix)

nikki says:

I really, really, really loved GingahoumenP's Mugen no Synapse when I first saw it in Vocaran, so I decided to check out his other works. Turns out, he will make probably my favorite of his works "Tsukikagemaika", a bit later after I followed him. While I like to follow Ps with a specific genre in mind, I like being surprised by GingahoumenP's choice of styles. The songs I listed above are entirely different from each other and they show you not only how impressive his repertoire is but how creative he is in coming up with works that are varied in style yet undeniably his.
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OrebananaP / おればななP

mylist | piapro |

OrebananaP, or Pippii, is a Vocaloid producer who has been steadily uploading her works in NND since 2008. She got her name from one of her initial uploads, Pachelbel no Banana Ore (a cover of Pachelbel's Canon in D where Len only sings "banana" XD), which eventually got twisted around to form Orebanana.

Like producer KonkiP, Orebanana mainly works on tuning, so most of her works are covers of other songs, whether Vocaloid or otherwise. Because of her impeccable tuning, she has earned respect throughout the community (especially the Kagamine community) as a VocaloP. You might recognize her as Len's tuner in the PONPONPON cover arranged by GigaP.

OrebananaP uses mostly the Kagamines in her works. She is popularly known as a die-hard Len fan. She tunes both Len and Rin with a solid, unfaltering pitch, often mid-range but can reach impressively high notes that do not sound shrill or shaky. She has a certain quirk of making her Vocaloids sing in disjointed syllables which might sound a bit off at times, but in actuality it gives her more freedom to be more accurate in terms of diction and pitch.

Although she seems to be more prone to cover rock and upbeat pop songs, she also has done Kagamine covers of ballads and slow rock songs. She has also once used Gakupo, Miku, and recently GUMI for her covers. Aside from doing covers of songs, OrebananaP also collaborates with other producers, usually providing tuning for Kagamine Rin/Len.

sample works

A. Covers
Unhappy Refrain (Rin and Len; original by wowaka)
World is Mine (Len; original by ryo)
Badbye (Rin and Len; original by koma'n)
Panda Hero (Rin and Len; original by Hachi)
Iroha Uta (Gakupo; Ginsaku original)
bonus since it's not vocaloid: Mitsubachi

B. Collabs
KEEP OUT! (using Len; with OwataP, etc.)
Garakuta Parade (using Len; with Neru)
Gekkou no Waltz (using Rin; with LeleleP)

nikki says
As someone who started her Vocaloid obsession with Kagamine Len, I'm pretty well-acquainted with OrebananaP's covers. In fact, in some situations, I learn of the originals because of her covers ^^;. At first, her tuning might sound a bit off, especially to those new to Vocaloid, because of the distinct sharpness. However, as you listen, you'll realize how scarily accurate her pitching and diction control are. As she covers mostly popular Vocaloid songs, she opens a door for Kagamine fans to enjoy certain Vocaloid songs the Kagamine way.
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Campanette / かんぱねって

mylist | piapro |

Campanette started uploading their works in Nico Nico Douga late 2010, but immediately gained attention because of the unique and high-quality type of music they do. As a new P, they have only uploaded a few songs, but all of them are endearingly impressive.

Campanette's music is described as Mikutronica, inspired largely by atmospheric ambient music. His first works were lovely ambient tracks but his latter works have greatly evolved into upbeat, echoey electronic pop although his initial style still persists. He has a penchant for using nature sounds as well as a variety of chimes and echoes, magnifying the atmospheric feel of his songs as well as creating an ethereal effect on the songs. As his songs are electronica, there is no dominant instrument that can be heard although his recent works has rich keyboards embedded in them. If to be compared to other VocaloPs, Campanette's style would be similar to ryuryu's, especially the earlier ones.

Hatsune Miku is Campanette's primary Vocaloid, tuning her soft, gentle and mid-range. Miku's voice has a distinct ring to it that she always sounds echoey, as if when people sing hymns and such. Campanette's last song, however, used GUMI tuned low and whispery and slightly rough, surprisingly.

sample songs
Lunalight (Miku)
Kimi no Umi (Miku)
Hoshizora no Lapis (Miku)
Celesta (Miku)
Prism no Sunadokei (GUMI)

nikki says
As a fan of ryuryu and people who make ambient music, I really loved Campanette's earlier works, especially his first ever upload, Binzume. His first two songs were very relaxing and easy to listen to. I was a bit surprised at the sudden change of tempo/style in his compositions, but although I prefer his older works, his new ones aren't bad and instead actually showed how much he had grown in terms of composing (the piano melodies in his last uploads were amazing).
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Axe.E. started uploading his works in Nico Nico Douga sometime in 2010. He has only uploaded about ten songs since then but he has showed great progress as well as diversity in his works.

Axe started by composing electronic rock music with a particular highlight on the guitars and bass. Eventually, his guitars became a bit more distinct and rich, probably also because he had started playing the guitar himself. Most of his songs start off with a power intro that slowly dissolves into a slow, emo rock ballad with passionate lyrics. His songs often speak of sad interpersonal conflicts, but has a sliver of determination and hope in the end.

His initial Vocaloid is Luka and she is tuned surprisingly higher than usual with a distinct sharpness at the end of her phrases. He had also used Lily's trial, where he tuned Lily with a low, sultry drawl. Eventually, he began using VY1, who is tuned high and cute, quite different from her usual tuning which makes it interesting; and GUMI just recently, who is also tuned a bit higher than usual but with her signature whispery voice.

sample songs:
Breath (Megurine Luka)
Mine (VY1) [ Eng trans ]
Nemuranai Yume (GUMI) [ Eng trans ]
Overture (Lily) [ Eng trans ]

nikki says
I was fortunate to meet Axe in Twitter more than a year ago when he was just starting as a VocaloP. Since he's a good friend I've been hesitant to feature him here, but I wanted to chronicle his improvement as a Vocaloid producer as time goes by. It's also through the encounter with him that I'm given a glimpse of how VocaloPs work on their songs and how it takes time for them to hone their skills in composing, playing music, and tuning, and in a way it made me appreciate the good work producers do. Axe has a promising talent, especially in guitar work as well as tuning Vocaloids, which you notice gets better with his each upload. My favorite song by him would be "Nemuranai Yume" (both by VY1 and GUMI) and "Final Resistance".


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