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This is not utattemita or Vocaloid-related (despite having a producer and a few utaite in it), but people who follow odottemita might be interested in watching. On December 12, 2010 (18:00), there will be an odottemita event, Nico Nico Dancemaster. Official website is here and the gate to the namahousou is here.

No ticket is needed although I am not sure if online viewing is only for premium users. They said in the site that the HQ stream is restricted to premium users, but I don't know if they have an economy version for free users :(.

Guest list is as follows. I've included the dancers' mylists in case you want to see samples of their performances.

list of performers )

I'll update this list if there are any additions, although I doubt it since the date is so near.
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To celebrate the coming of the new year, Nico Nico Douga is having a new year event, Nico Nico Kouhaku 2010. This is different from the Daikaigi concert tour. You can read more about how a kouhaku is held in wiki.

The kouhaku will be from 21:00 of December 31, 2010 to 12AM onwards of January 1, 2011. As far as I know, online viewing is free, although they have a promo for premium users in Japan where they can watch the concert live in the venue. The venue for this concert is not announced and will only be provided to those who win the invitation from the raffle.

Gate is here.

The guest list includes:

Yamada Hisashi
Hyakka Ryouran

• Kouhei
• Saiya
• Dasoku
• Nero
• Choucho
• Noir/Noaru
• Nomiya Ayumi
• Puriko
• Pokota
• Mi-chan
• Yamadan
• Yuge
• Sekihan
• Ten

Special Guest:
Golden Bomber

Vocaloid producers
• TokuP
• T-Pocket
• HachioujiP
• DeadballP

• 1-nen 25-gumi (Ainiya, Nyanko, Mirii, Yuki)
• Imaoka-san
• Kyoufu
• takuma
• tadanon
• Bouto

I'll add to this as they update the site. I am not sure if this is only for premium users but they didn't say anything about it so I think it's free-for-all. If you cannot watch it at this time (I know I can't since I'll be celebrating my own party then ^^;.), you can timeshift it in advance so you can watch later on.
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As you know, the Daikaigi concert tours will restart again very soon (on the 15th) and the guest list is always being updated with new people who are joining the performers list. Some of the performers are not well-known so I put together a list here to give you an idea of who each person is as well as a work of theirs that is worth watching. This list will also serve as a schedule of the concerts in case you are deciding which day to watch!

I hope you manage to check out some of the unfamiliar people and like them, especially the odottemita/ensoushitemita ones! Zombies are pretty cracked, btw...

cast list, dates, etc. )

Okay, that was hard to type... I'll add guests as they are updated in the site. Make sure you check the site, too, since they have pictures~. There are a couple more concerts for you to watch this December (and both are free), I'll get to them in a while (or tomorrow).
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• There are too many Vocaloid-related stuff happening at the moment (events, album release, etc.) and I am not updated with everything ;;. If you want to be updated with stuff, you can view the Vocaloid Schedule in Miku blog. It has all the releases, JOYSOUND stuff and events listed.

• For those who have found DYE -Synthesis-, Reversus and Hysteresis to be wonderful and would love to have a copy, the albums are available in Toranoana :).

• Usa Colony has opened the website for UTAU Ureine Usa

• Speaking of Usa Colony, I'm sure we are all aware of their live concert this November. The lineup includes Usa, Tourai, Syana (KurousaP), Kobayashi Onix, 19's sound factory, doriko and hajime. Their guests musicians include Shobon from MINT and Tissue-hime.

Valshe's album 「storyteller」 now has a crossfade up in Nico Nico Douga here.

• The net tickets for the next Daikaigi concert is now for sale here. I posted the guest list before here.

• Lead Is New Emotion (L.I.N.E.) which is a duo composed of utaite che:Sakurai and arranger/composer HYBRID SENSE are to release an album this coming October. The name of the mini album is dawn of new emotion. You can check out their myspace for other information (as well as pictures :3).

• We have something to look forward to for the next M3 (Music, Media-mix Market). Omatsuri Boyz composed of That, Clear, Kettaro, Mi-chan, Kouhei (Hagane Tsuwamono) and Donnie is planning to release something in that con/event. No details as of yet, but you can view their website here

• Clear held a mini-live in Tower Records last night which was broadcasted in Nico Nico Douga. I have a report as well as other stuff in his fansite. If you have the time, please answer the survey in the report post ;)! The lack of clear updates here is because I'm putting them all there, sorry ^^;.

• Next week's Nicoraji seems to be utaite-packed. On Monday (09/20) they will have Asamaru and Jack as guests. On Tuesday (09/21) they will have Clear and Nero. You can view Nicoraji here. It starts 22:00 Japan time.

• The guy who does the Weekly Utattemita Ranking has been referring to the English writeups in this comm for a few weeks already, so everyone, please behave XD. If you are on twitter, please thank him for his hard work every week. His twitter is here :).


• the_desserter posted about the next Dokinama
• Nicoraji just announced that they will have Dasoku and Gero as their guests on Wednesday, so that makes it three days of Utaite galore in Nicoraji.

I know I've missed a lot of news about other personalities mainly because I am following only a certain number of people. If you have any news to share, feel free to put them in the comments! I should start making a contribution post or something /shot
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• If you haven't seen before, there is a report on last night's concert in the Nico Nico Douga blog. There are pictures more amazing than mine /shot. However, it seems only Choucho, Dasoclear, Saiya, Pokota and Golden Bomber had clear shots aside from the group ^^;.

• There might be some uploads of last night's event in Nico Nico, so watch out for them. Right now, there's Smiling, although I do not know if this is an official upload or fancam (lol). Thanks to Stephieku for the link!
* this video has been deleted

• Now, after the summer event hype, Nico Nico won't let us sleep as they announced a second concert: the Nico Nico Daikaigi 2010 Fall Concert ~Sore wa Rock ka?~LOL if you're wondering about the picture at the bottom, that's clear being lost and out of formation on the stage. Seriously, he keeps walking all over the place it kinda.../trails off

Date: October 28 (7PM)
Ticket Price (venue): 5,800 yen
Ticket Price (net): TBA


Otouto no Ane
Gero <-- /keysmash
Kouhei (Hagane Tsuwamono)
nero <--- childhoodfri(ry♥!!!!!!!
Limone-sensei <--- eeee

Ouzoku Band (Kaizoku-ou and Tissue-hime) <-- ♥
Marasy <--- asdl;jasd


You can view a preview thingy here.

So-sorry for the flailing.
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The second Utattemoratta CD now has a complete tracklist. You may remember the previous Utattemoratta CD (vol. 1) featuring Dasoku, Clear, ASK, Pokota and Kettaro, with the theme ikemen voices. This new CD's theme is gender-defying voices.

Utattemoratta CD vol. 2 ~Uta Seibetsu ga Maigo hen~
Release date: August 27, 2010

01. Monochrome Blue Sky / noboruP feat. vip-tenchou
02. Cendrillon / Dios feat. vip-tenchou and che:sakurai
03. From Y to Y / Jimmythumb feat. che:sakurai
04. Aquarium / kihee feat. che:sakurai and hitori
05. Kimi ni Sasagu Fantasia / Polyphonic Branch feat. hitori
06. Kusogee Jikkyou Play / OnyuuP feat. Kogeinu
07. Migikata no chou - Noripy feat. Kogeinu
08. Wonderland to Hitsuji no Uta / Hachi feat. Kogeinu and Lon
09. eight hundred / PinocchioP feat. Lon
10. Kokoro / ToraburotaP feat. vip-tenchou, che:sakurai, hitori, Kogeinu, Lon

animate page


Also, today at 3PM Japan Time, Nicoraji will have a special episode where they will hold the radio show open to the public in Shibuya. The guests include clear, dasoku, pokota, noaru, kettaro, miichan, saiya, nomiya ayumi and rapbeat. You can view information about it here. The link also has the ... link to the Nico Nico broadcast.

Apparently, timeshifting for free users is allowed, although you cannot timeshift more than 1 video at a time. This means when you timeshifted a future namahousou, you cannot timeshift another one. You either have to remove the previous one or watch it. So, if you want to watch this nicoraji episode so badly but cannot at the specified time, you can try timeshifting it and watching it later. As for watching it on the specified time, it'll be easier than other lives since nicoraji can hold more audience than normal namahousou :). (that one featured program I watched has 20k viewers...orz). So, I hope you all get to watch esp. if you like any of the guests! :)

Thanks to the_desserter and tokiya86 @ twitter for informing me about the timeshift thing!
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Sorry for the late updates. I'm having so much fun in the "introduce yourself post" I kind of got lazy with the spotlights and updates, all of which I'm doing now! Also I'm trying to get a couple of friends into the fandom (again) and I'm still thinking of how to go about it. I suck at writing intro posts seriously XDD;.

Anyway, updates!

• It seems that there is a planned novelization of mothy's Aku no Musume/Meshitsukai series. There are no details released yet but here is some more info in Fujyoshinews (in Japanese), though.

• If you enjoyed the Utattemoratta CD 1 (theme: ikemen voices), you'll definitely love Utattemoratta CD 2 (theme: gender-defying voices). This is going to be released August 27 (clear's birthday lol) and will include Hitori, che:sakurai, vip-tenchou, Kogeinu and Lon. It's kind of stingy there are only two people in the cover though ;;.

• As I said in twitter, clear should take lessons on "how to pose for a CD cover" from Piko, who is to release his debut album. Limited edition has a DVD, too! Pretty face is pretty, I'm ashamed to be female, etc. While you're ordering why not order Irregular Voices by Ouzoku Band (y'know, the one with Tissue hime) feat. Sekihan, too XD. This was released last month so it's a bit older.

G.W. Nicolai website is updated with some info, art and demo of the seven singles they're releasing. Remember the ones having singles are ASK, Gero, Nodoame (lol lollipop art), Pokota, Yuge, Kogeinu and Makomakkou. You can view the crossfade demo in the "special" part of the site. And the tracklist at the "product" part. Here's a translation of what they are going to sing:

Gero: Kutabare PTA (NashimotoP) and From Y to Y (Jimmythumb)
ASK: Eh? Aa, Sou (papiyon) and d's (Kudou Yasumoto)
Kogeinu: Kusari no Shoujo (NoboruP) and Shinryoku no Kaze (Studio IMO)
Yuge: Dancing Samurai (mathru) and Neta Kiri Goukin Depenza (Don McCow/MML)
Pokota: Scissorhands (Nem) and Kuro no Kata Tsubasa (Studio IMO)
Nodoame: Migikata no Chou -Len ver.- (Noripy) and Spider Kiss (Ritsu Inoue)
Makomakkou: Spice! (minato) and Heaven's Door (Don McCow)

Some of them aren't Vocaloid songs :). At the moment, there is no way to buy the CDs aside from the shop but it might be available in Animate and other sites soon :).

• Usa Colony 4 has its site up with MP3 previews of the tracklist. It also has a crossfade demo in Nicovideo here. This will be released August 14, 2010 at Comiket.

• That kind of epic collab CD in a graceful sound has released a crossfade demo here. Remember this CD involves collaborations with producers 40mP, FullkawaP, Scop, ←P, KuwagataP and kous; and singers Tourai, Tabun Jibun, Erusi, Rumdarjun, Usa and F9.

• For those interested in BL games, "Nessa no Rakuen" has an OP teaser here (SLIgHTLY NSFW AND BL OF COURSE!) You might remember Dasoku is singing the opening song. Get your tissues ready.

• In case you missed it the first time I posted it, here is another page of the Utattemoratta 1 (clear, ASK, Dasoku, Pokota, Kettaro) CD interview. This one contains voice messages as well as handwritten ones (holy crap ASK's message D:).

• Before we get to the crazy part, have some random dancing by Pokota which is the reason why my brain broke last night.

• Now for the crazy part. Nico Nico Douga is actually holding an end-of-summer fest which involves a 27-hour marathon of guests from 18:00 TODAY up to 20:40 of the next day (Sunday). There is a list of guests here and they will only appear at certain times. In order to watch, just click the view tab in the site and you'll be seeing few ustream channels. The guests are singers, musicians, producers and gamers. I translated some of the guests' names (only the ones relevant to this comm) and the time they will appear under the cut. All of the time is in JPN time so please convert to your timezone~.

time table )

And that ends our update XD. I'll squeeze in some of the news later if something comes up~!
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I'm a bit late in posting this, so some of you might already be aware of the Nico Nico Live Tour Final held this February for two nights as ending to the tours held during the latter part of 2009 and early 2010. The last part was held a couple of days ago. It was also broadcasted via Nico Nico Douga.

Singers include (but not limited to): Choucho, Piko, Sekihan, Gom, Pokota, Sariya-jin
Musicians include (not not limited to): Tissue-hime, [TEST], Akai Ryuusei

It's a really fun live if you're a fan of any of the personalities. But it was really hard to stream continuously, despite the several mirrors made for this live. The most I was able to watch was a part of Pokota's "Dancing Samurai", a few seconds of Choucho's and Sariya-jin's "Just Be Friends" and the last part of "Smiling".

Some of the clips were leaked in NND, so you might want to watch them now in case you missed the concert :3. Piko's and Sekihan's live-action "magnet" is also uploaded in YT.

magnet by Piko and Sekihan
Just Be Friends by Choucho and Sariya-jin
Dancing Samurai by Pokota
1925 by Gom
Smiling by everyone

Note: If you follow the "ニコニコ大会議2009-2010" tag in Nico Nico Douga, you'll find some of the clips from the other lives held in various places and with various performers. Some of those I've watched include Kettaro, Sekihan, Usa (only briefly!), Korosuke, etc.


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