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Butsudankamen / 仏壇仮面

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Butsudankamen has been uploading videos on Nico Nico Douga since August 2008, that is, approximately from the time when he was 18 years old. He's one of the most popular and well-known odorite. He has almost 11,000 followers on twitter and his community includes 16 thousand people. It's very easy to recognize him because of the Pierrot mask he wears. Although he owns many masks, he seems to favour that one.

His first dances were based on the movements invented on the spot. Those videos were shot in a dark room where Butsudankamen was dancing alone. On 26 of July 2009 he danced "Bad Apple!!" with Tadanon, and from that moment he has come to be known for his natural, smooth movements and unique choreography he created. He, along with 13 (another well-known odorite), also created choreography for Saiya's video "BREEZE", in which the three of them performed. His dance style is very characteristic and you can easily notice flexible movements specific only for him, especially if you compare him to other people dancing his choreographies. He sometimes gives the impression as if his body is boneless. In his dance he often uses elements of breakdance, house dance, poppin' etc. His puppet style (which is meant to imitate a marionette tied to strings ) is perfect.

Butsudankamen dances mostly with other odorite and along with them he takes part in many events. He participated in Nico Nico Dance Master 1, where he appeared on the scene twice: first, with Ringosu, and later with Bouto and Saiya in "BREEZE". We could also watch him during Nico Nico Dance Master 2, where he was a member of two teams: DDD (with Keitan, 13, Bouto, TAKUMA, Melochin, and Imaokasan) and F9 Project (with 13, Imaokasan, Sari, Kagamiji, Takatsu, Oinarin, and Hayapi).

For a long time the most important question repeated among the fans was: What does he look like? The question remained unanswered until recently, when we were finally able to see him in this video.

sample dances:
A. Solos
love letter (Butsudankamen’s choreography)
Baboon day vol.2 Emperors Birthday after party

B. Collabs
Bad Apple!! (with Tadanon; Butsudankamen’s choreography)
Matryoshka (with 13; Bouto’s choreography)
BREEZE (with 13 and Saiya; Butsudankamen’s and 13’s choreography)
Tsugai Kogarashi (with Ringosu; Butsudankamen’s and Ringosu’s choreography)
Spring Shower (with DO@RAT; Aniki’s choreography)

Mono says:
My adventure with odottemita started from Butsudankamen. When I saw his "Tsugai Kogarashi" I instantly fell in love with him – I was completely captivated by his movements. I never would have guessed that someone could be capable of dancing like this. My favourite dance is his solo performance in BilliBow in celebration of Japan's Emperor’s Birthday on 24th December 2009. The part when he dances like a pierrot is simply wonderful - you definitely need to see it.


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