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Nyantaro / にゃんたろ

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Nyantaro is a male odorite, who has started working as a dancer named Lily in 2008. His early-stage career includes performances in the team ASIENCE, however he’s never uploaded anything under that nickname. He’s changed it to Nyantaro after the release of Vocaloid with the same name. On nico nico he has been posting videos regularly since last year.

There is a clear influence of vogueing on his dance technique. Vogueing is specific dance, that derives from the world of fashion. Its most characteristic elements are model-like poses and rigid movements of hands, arms, legs, and whole body, that form linear and symmetrical shapes. It is a largely improvised dance and Nyantaro just improvises in most of his solo videos. He keeps pace perfectly and accentuates music's changes in a way that makes the improvisation depend heavily on layoff, acceleration of rhythm, bass, sound effects, and vocal. He has also studied many other styles of dance including hip-hop, house, breakdance, pop, so his dance style can be, in fact, called freestyle.

Nyantaro has many victories in dance battles such as AB-BOY PARK2. Currently, as a leader of Nyantaro Project he is responsible for the dance configuration and choreography. Apart from him, the team consists of 5 other dancers: Reichel, Pan2, Kotaro, Ryo, and ShokupanMen. Starting from 2010, he also works as a DJ, which shows that his range of interests and activities is quite large.

sample dances:
A. Solos
1925 (freestyle improvisation by Nyantaro)
↑ Game of Life ↓ (freestyle improvisation by Nyantaro)
Karakuri Pierrot (freestyle improvisation by Nyantaro)
Envy Catwalk (freestyle improvisation by Nyantaro)
Cantarella (freestyle improvisation by Nyantaro)

B. Collabs
First Kiss (with Kyoji; Kozue's choreography)
Rotten Heresy And Chocolate (Nyantaro Project; Nyantaro's choreography)
Sweet Devil (Nyantaro Project & TEAM BLACK STARZ on Nico Nico Dance Master 3; choreography by Nyantaro Project and TEAM BLACK STARZ)
Senbonzakura (with Onihe, Keitan, Ryo, and ANDY)

Mono says:
When I saw Nyantaro for the first time during some Nico Nico Dance Master, my reaction was basically something like a big “wow”. His live performances are always a delight and his sole appearance on stage is enough to excite the audience that always greets him with a storm of cheers and applause. It's not always because of the technique (which is of course pretty amazing), his attitude is even more important. The absolute self-confidence, charisma and power of the impact on the audience – and his dance that expresses it all.


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