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YajirushiP / ←P

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YajirushiP is a young producer (probably still a student) known for his works such as Astro and Falldown. He also calls himself Amaoto Sora. His producer name ←P/YajirushiP (meaning "arrow"), comes from the way he likes using arrows in his comments and blurbs. Fans fondly call him YaP (yappi).

YajirushiP describes his own work as "fuwafuwazushin", meaning music that has serious, heavy notes but can still feel light and fluffy. This somehow really describes his songs accurately. His earlier works were more of rock ballads, with very soft, poignant guitars. Usually, his first few songs start with a slow, soft intro which escalates into a drum and guitar rich rockish music. Eventually, his music slowly evolved into more of progressive rock similar to whoo's and ryuryu's works, with a tinge of violins, keyboards and other sounds that give his songs an ethereal feel. His screechy but muffled guitars and deep-sounding drums remain the same, however.

He uses only Hatsune Miku in his works, and she is tuned to sound soft to whispery, never shrill and often at medium range. His earlier tuning made Miku's voice a bit wobbly but as he made more songs, his Miku became more refined and clear-voiced with wonderful diction even when singing with a whispery, breathy voice.

YajirushiP has participated in many collaboration CDs including EXIT TUNES Presents Supernova 5, Live House, Try! (creazuma) and Vocarock Collection. He also has released CDs of his own including Kuroi Neko to Shiroi Hana, Uchuu Radio, Amaoto and falldown. Aside from composing, he also sings and his voice is often described as bordering gentle bishounen and erotic.

sample music
Amaoto (Sound of Rain)
Kuroi Neko to Shiroi Hana (Black Cat and White Flowers)
Uchuu Radio (Space Radio)
Adayume (Transient Dream)
Burial at Sea

sample utattemita (covers)
Uchuu Radio
Alice (FullkawaP original)
Calc. (JimmythumbP original)
Kimi Nashi Vision (KulfiQ original)

nikki says
I've liked YajirushiP's name song, Uchuu Radio, although I haven't really followed his releases before that. I think I started checking his works when [personal profile] the_desserter translated his song Ada Yume. After that I began noticing more and more of his works, my recent favorite being his new song Kudrayka. As many of you know, I love whoo's and ryuryu's music style a lot, so it's no surprise that I got attracted to YajirushiP's music as well.
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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #175 (January 31-February 7, 2011)

This week's ranking doesn't have as many new stuff as before, but the few new ones are all awesome. At the same time, there's quite a lot of movement among the old songs (and a few familiar ones are rising again...). Pardon the lack of intelligent comments (I'm mostly spazzing, it's unforgivable). It's 1AM LOL.

↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

original nicovideo link

Songs are arranged from 1-30.

top 30 under the cut )
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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #171 (January 03 - January 10, 2011)

This week's Vocaloid ranking has a new video size as well as format, and that is why it is late by a day. And I am also late because...of some distractions. Sorry! D: Anyway, this song has very few uploads but most of them are by awesome people worth noting. There is a lot of movement this week, with surprising pushes to the top and returns. The top 3 are indispensably amazing, too.

↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

original nicovideo link

Songs are arranged from 1-30.

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Because the last Singing Producers post was a hit, and because not all Ps manage to get in the ranking with their songs, here is another list of covers uploaded by VocaloidP's from Sept-October :). Only a couple of them appeared in the ranking, so you might be unfamiliar with some. Check their mylists for their original songs if you do not know the Ps :).

Matryoshka (hachi orig.)
From Y to Y (Jimmythumb orig.)
magnet (minato orig.)

Gekkou Shokudou (NuuP orig.)

cry (self cover)

EheheP (Takyuu Shounen)
Nade Nade (self-cover)

KisenonP (Sho)
Mylist Dame! (LiveP original)
m9 (LiveP orig.)

NishizawasanP (Tokotoko)
[Female Ver.] Futariboshi -with Jimmy- (40mP original)

My Room Disco Night (self cover)
Twinkle Twinkle (self-cover)

Rolling Girl (wowaka orig.)

El Shaddai x Hajimete no Chuu Parody

Rozetta (10hiP orig.)

Calc. (JimmythumbP)

Melancholic (Junky orig.)
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Sorry for the late updates. I'm having so much fun in the "introduce yourself post" I kind of got lazy with the spotlights and updates, all of which I'm doing now! Also I'm trying to get a couple of friends into the fandom (again) and I'm still thinking of how to go about it. I suck at writing intro posts seriously XDD;.

Anyway, updates!

• It seems that there is a planned novelization of mothy's Aku no Musume/Meshitsukai series. There are no details released yet but here is some more info in Fujyoshinews (in Japanese), though.

• If you enjoyed the Utattemoratta CD 1 (theme: ikemen voices), you'll definitely love Utattemoratta CD 2 (theme: gender-defying voices). This is going to be released August 27 (clear's birthday lol) and will include Hitori, che:sakurai, vip-tenchou, Kogeinu and Lon. It's kind of stingy there are only two people in the cover though ;;.

• As I said in twitter, clear should take lessons on "how to pose for a CD cover" from Piko, who is to release his debut album. Limited edition has a DVD, too! Pretty face is pretty, I'm ashamed to be female, etc. While you're ordering why not order Irregular Voices by Ouzoku Band (y'know, the one with Tissue hime) feat. Sekihan, too XD. This was released last month so it's a bit older.

G.W. Nicolai website is updated with some info, art and demo of the seven singles they're releasing. Remember the ones having singles are ASK, Gero, Nodoame (lol lollipop art), Pokota, Yuge, Kogeinu and Makomakkou. You can view the crossfade demo in the "special" part of the site. And the tracklist at the "product" part. Here's a translation of what they are going to sing:

Gero: Kutabare PTA (NashimotoP) and From Y to Y (Jimmythumb)
ASK: Eh? Aa, Sou (papiyon) and d's (Kudou Yasumoto)
Kogeinu: Kusari no Shoujo (NoboruP) and Shinryoku no Kaze (Studio IMO)
Yuge: Dancing Samurai (mathru) and Neta Kiri Goukin Depenza (Don McCow/MML)
Pokota: Scissorhands (Nem) and Kuro no Kata Tsubasa (Studio IMO)
Nodoame: Migikata no Chou -Len ver.- (Noripy) and Spider Kiss (Ritsu Inoue)
Makomakkou: Spice! (minato) and Heaven's Door (Don McCow)

Some of them aren't Vocaloid songs :). At the moment, there is no way to buy the CDs aside from the shop but it might be available in Animate and other sites soon :).

• Usa Colony 4 has its site up with MP3 previews of the tracklist. It also has a crossfade demo in Nicovideo here. This will be released August 14, 2010 at Comiket.

• That kind of epic collab CD in a graceful sound has released a crossfade demo here. Remember this CD involves collaborations with producers 40mP, FullkawaP, Scop, ←P, KuwagataP and kous; and singers Tourai, Tabun Jibun, Erusi, Rumdarjun, Usa and F9.

• For those interested in BL games, "Nessa no Rakuen" has an OP teaser here (SLIgHTLY NSFW AND BL OF COURSE!) You might remember Dasoku is singing the opening song. Get your tissues ready.

• In case you missed it the first time I posted it, here is another page of the Utattemoratta 1 (clear, ASK, Dasoku, Pokota, Kettaro) CD interview. This one contains voice messages as well as handwritten ones (holy crap ASK's message D:).

• Before we get to the crazy part, have some random dancing by Pokota which is the reason why my brain broke last night.

• Now for the crazy part. Nico Nico Douga is actually holding an end-of-summer fest which involves a 27-hour marathon of guests from 18:00 TODAY up to 20:40 of the next day (Sunday). There is a list of guests here and they will only appear at certain times. In order to watch, just click the view tab in the site and you'll be seeing few ustream channels. The guests are singers, musicians, producers and gamers. I translated some of the guests' names (only the ones relevant to this comm) and the time they will appear under the cut. All of the time is in JPN time so please convert to your timezone~.

time table )

And that ends our update XD. I'll squeeze in some of the news later if something comes up~!
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For a proper intro, please read the Miku ranking here. Luka has a lot of songs, too, a total of a hundred I think. I'll be including all of them below.

So far, this and the annual rankings are the only ones I type in reverse order (from 100-1) so that it'd be more exciting :). If you want me to do the midyear/annual rankings in the traditional way (the 1-xx order), just tell me :).

You might notice that some of the titles/P names are still in Japanese. It's because I'm not sure how to romanize them correctly.

nicovideo link

top 100-1 under the cut )
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This is my first time actually waiting for and transcribing the midyear Vocaloid Ranking, so I'm a bit excited despite the work before me XD.

This ranking considered Hatsune Miku songs uploaded from 12AM of December 15, 2009 up 11:59PM of June 14, 2010. The formula of computing for the ranks is not included in the blurb, but I think it's almost the same as the weekly Vocaloid ranking formula. The video included the top 80 songs, but the mylist link has 478 songs OTL. There's no way I CAN type up all of them so I'll just include here the top 100. There's still the Kagamine, KAITO, Luka and GUMI rankings, so please look forward to them :). Please take this as an opportunity to listen to Hatsune Miku songs considered as the best this half of 2010 :).

So far, this and the annual rankings are the only ones I type in reverse order (from 100-1) so that it'd be more exciting :). If you want me to do the midyear/annual rankings in the traditional way (the 1-xx order), just tell me :).

nicovideo link part 1
nicovideo link part 2

100 to 1 under the cut. )

I have a feeling that I don't want to tag this....

Some stuff

Jul. 16th, 2010 08:22 am
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• There's a news in nico nico douga regarding multiple accounts with the same IP address.

Asamakku (Asamaru and Jack) has issued some new rules for members of their community, rooting from the HIGH STREAM housou Asamaru guested in. I think Asamaru was a bit uncomfortable during that housou because of his fans spamming the chatbox, so they are asking their fans for some things when listening to them in a non-Asamakku live. These include:
- not calling them by their pet names if possible (Marutan, Jack-tan, Maruko, Asako, Jakko, etc.);
- not spamming about Asamakku as a unit when only one is guesting and the housou is not related to Asamakku;
- not spamming with too much emoticons (you know those scrolling shooting stars, etc.);
- not mentioning inside jokes and info only known in the community;
- not chatting with other members with trivial stuff not related to the housou;
- not mentioning anything trivial which is not related to the convo (e.g., I'm sleeping, I'm eating, etc.).
I think this generally means being more formal when listening to Asamaru and Jack in a housou outside the Asamakku community. Since HIGH STREAM is a more...formal housou, with musicians who do not know the inside works of Asamakku and its family, it must've been a bit uncomfy seeing the spam.

• The production of the album in a graceful sound is already in the works. This is a CD with original songs written by Vocaloid composers and sung by Nico utaite. The mentioned collabs are:
- FullkawaP x Tabun Jibun
- 40mP x Tourai
- KuwagataP x Usa
- kous x F9
- ←P x Rumdarjun
- scop x Erusi
It will be released August 14, 2010 and will be sold for 1000 yen

• You can now order the MGS Utattemita CD ~Starry Sky~ in Amazon, instead of doing it the roundabout way in toranoana :). Kudos to hatsudai-san and the people involved for making it possible.

notes: Thanks to [personal profile] southerncross for the heads up re: asamakku :)
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↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

original nicovideo link

Songs are arranged from 1-30.

top 30 under the cut )

A few announcements so as not to waste post count :).

• I forgot to do the monthly ranking...again. Sorry. I'll do it tomorrow.
• I might not be able to do spotlights again this week. (Work deadline is on Friday, but you don't want to know the details) Next week! I'll try my best!

• I updated the tracklist of PointFive's enhAnce CD here :).
Hiwaily*2, that host club CD like Smiley*2 has formally introduced their cast as Amu, Miichan, So~ma, Jigiru, Riseha and [REN]. Note that they also have Kantou and Tokyo branches. Riseha is a girl, but she sounds so adorable here ;_;.
Kogeinu has announced in his new(?) blog the release of two CDs collectively called Uttemoratta. The first CD, which is themed "popular singers collection" has Clear, Dasoku, Pokota, ASK and Kettaro. The second CD, themed "no gender distinction" has Kogeinu, Hitori, che:Sakurai and vip-tenchou. XD This is going to be interesting. Please get your wallets ready by July!


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