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■P is a previously-prolific Vocaloid producer. He started uploading songs in 2008 and updated frequently, although at present, he does not upload much, with his last upload being back in 2010. He is mostly known for his KAITO and MEIKO works, and is a talented composer who's often overlooked. No one knows how to really pronounce his name, although most of the time, it is said as "squareP".

■P's musical style is hard to specify. He has written mostly melodies rich in piano music with large Western influence. He seems especially good at composing jazz bordering in blues (like those songs you hear in old clubs/live houses!) and his saxophone and drum sounds are awesome. He also writes ballads and traditional folk-sounding songs. He's very dexterous in using instruments, especially the piano, which is always poignant and hauntingly pretty. His songs usually have deep, psychological themes in them, but he also have some with social issues. It is said that he usually has song motifs inspired by cyberpunk author Kanbayashi Chouhei.

He mostly uses KAITO and MEIKO in his works, but he also uses Kasane Teto. His MEIKO is tuned medium, with very slight rises in voice and never high-pitched, which gives her an "adult" nature, as most of his viewers say. His KAITO is known for his deep, ikemen voice. We all know how the early editions of VOCALOID sound, so it is inevitable that MEIKO and KAITO sound shaky, but for ■P he has tuned them well that the transitions between the pitches are not very obvious. His blending and second voices are also wonderful.

sample songs
Nowhere Love (KAITO)
Kin no Irihi ni Tefuukin (MEIKO)
Taisoushi (KAITO)
Natsu no Niwa to Shiroi Kotsu (MEIKO)
Izayoi no Tsuki (KAITO x MEIKO)

nikki says
To be honest, I don't know about ■P before I looked him up for this spotlight. I hear about him when I search for MEIKO/KAITO stuff, but I haven't had the chance to listen to him before this. I am SO glad that I did listen to his works. There are a lot of vocajazz songs, but not all of them sound like those jazz and blues songs played from old livehouses. ■P's jazz songs sound like them, from the piano to the snap of the drums to the saxophone melody. Aside from that, his European/folk-inspired songs are great, too. He's also probably one of the best KAIMEI tuners I've heard and I've been looping his songs a lot. Right now, my favorite is his jazz song, Nowhere Love, which he wrote for KAITO's birthday, and Kin no Irihi no Tefuukin, which has awesome accordion melody.
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The first half of 2010 SP ranking (KAITO part) can be found here. For an intro on the SP ranking, please refer to the Miku compilation!

KAITO's compilation has 70 songs.

Since all of them are KAITO songs, I'll just type the song, composer, and additional Vocaloids used if there are any.

original nicovideo link

list under the cut! )
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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #168 (December 13-20, 2010)

Not many new things today, which is a bit disapppointing since the old songs just ended up getting juggled from one rank to another. There are quite a few well-known P's who uploaded this week, anyway, so the ranking is worth a look!

↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

original nicovideo link

Songs are arranged from 1-30.

top 30 under the cut )


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