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21SeikiP / 21世紀P

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21SeikiP (21st CenturyP) is a semi-prolific Vocaloid producer, having started only in 2009. His P name is his own decision and it's said that the reason he started making Vocaloid songs is because he had "too much free time" at one point. He regularly plays in a band and is part of a music club in his university, so it's no surprise that all the instruments played in his songs were by him, particularly the electric and acoustic guitar. He also provided the guitar music for sequel's hit Lobelia.

21SeikiP's music is largely varied, probably due to his exposure to various styles when playing in a band. He has written pop songs, rock songs and rock ballads. As expected all of his works are accompanied by either acoustic or electric guitar. His rock ballads are often laced with piano/keyboard music with very gentle melodies sharpened only by his guitars. His more upbeat ones are rich with interesting guitar styles, usually with muffled drums and catchy ringing intros that echo in the ears. Despite the "vocarock" label, though, his rock songs are never hard on the ears, rather very light, quite similar to KuwagataP's type of songs. Aside from rock songs, he also does pop songs, which are often of very light, chiming melody and cute beats. His pop songs are often called "minna no uta" for their catchy factor and cutified presentation.

He mostly uses Hatsune Miku in his works, although he has also used Gakupo and UTAU Kasane Teto. He doesn't have a particular quirk when tuning, instead he matches his tuning with the song type. In his ballads and pop songs, Miku is tuned high and gentle, almost whispery, while in his rock works, Miku is tuned a little deep and solid and loud to match his guitars.

21SeikiP doesn't have a solo CD of his own, but he participated in the Vomas 12 CD Petal, which includes other Ps such as sequel, FamimaP, buzzG, MyumP, PowapowaP, KusoinakaP, etc.

sample songs
Party (Miku)
Your Figure Looks Like Me (Kasane Teto / Hatsune Miku)
Cicada (Miku)
21XX (Miku)
Shiroi Hi (Gakupo)

nikki says:
I discovered 21SeikiP when I accidentally saw his "Cicada". I loved the melody and hoped for more like it when I looked up his mylist. It was a surprise that none of his songs sound alike at all, in fact most of them are of different genres, too. It's kind of interesting to find a P with no specific genre since it shows their flexibility as a musician and creator. While I do like his ballads and pop songs more, I admire his guitar-playing in his rock songs.
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Thanks to everyone who pitched in their two cents on producer and utaite day! Look forward to them every week, ok? ♥. It's a bit hard deciding who to feature, but I'll make sure to feature someone who is not that popular so you'll get to know them more :3.

I almost forgot this ffff. It's because I usually do this while in the office /shot. And I was busy at work today XD. Anyway, here is the weekly Vocaranking. Again, order is NOT reversed.


top 30 for this week )

There are a lot of great songs this week! I hope it's a good sign of a good Vocaloid month :3.


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