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Axe.E. started uploading his works in Nico Nico Douga sometime in 2010. He has only uploaded about ten songs since then but he has showed great progress as well as diversity in his works.

Axe started by composing electronic rock music with a particular highlight on the guitars and bass. Eventually, his guitars became a bit more distinct and rich, probably also because he had started playing the guitar himself. Most of his songs start off with a power intro that slowly dissolves into a slow, emo rock ballad with passionate lyrics. His songs often speak of sad interpersonal conflicts, but has a sliver of determination and hope in the end.

His initial Vocaloid is Luka and she is tuned surprisingly higher than usual with a distinct sharpness at the end of her phrases. He had also used Lily's trial, where he tuned Lily with a low, sultry drawl. Eventually, he began using VY1, who is tuned high and cute, quite different from her usual tuning which makes it interesting; and GUMI just recently, who is also tuned a bit higher than usual but with her signature whispery voice.

sample songs:
Breath (Megurine Luka)
Mine (VY1) [ Eng trans ]
Nemuranai Yume (GUMI) [ Eng trans ]
Overture (Lily) [ Eng trans ]

nikki says
I was fortunate to meet Axe in Twitter more than a year ago when he was just starting as a VocaloP. Since he's a good friend I've been hesitant to feature him here, but I wanted to chronicle his improvement as a Vocaloid producer as time goes by. It's also through the encounter with him that I'm given a glimpse of how VocaloPs work on their songs and how it takes time for them to hone their skills in composing, playing music, and tuning, and in a way it made me appreciate the good work producers do. Axe has a promising talent, especially in guitar work as well as tuning Vocaloids, which you notice gets better with his each upload. My favorite song by him would be "Nemuranai Yume" (both by VY1 and GUMI) and "Final Resistance".


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