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tomn (IkarosP) / イカロスP

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Tomn is a seasoned Vocaloid producer, having started uploading his Vocaloid works in Nico Nico Douga as early as 2008. His P name, IkarosP, is taken from one of his songs. At first, he uploaded covers using Vocaloids, but he quickly got used to composing original songs with them.

Tomn's style is quite similar to works of IntroP and SquareP. He has a knack for making songs which have the traditional European feel, with a generous fusion of guitars and other sounds of instruments like fiddles, accordions, and flutes. At first, his songs sounded a bit flat and more of ballads but later on, his instrumentation became more intricate. His songs became something evolving with fantasy themes with a more rockish or more upbeat tempo.

He uses a lot of Vocaloids, and has made songs with Miku, Luka, Rin and Len, KAITO, MEIKO, GUMI and even Nekomura Iroha. With such a collection of voices it's inevitable that he made covers of his own songs. Which is why you'd see one of his songs uploaded multiple times but using different voices for them. Most of his Vocaloids are tuned pretty low, including Miku and Iroha. Surprisingly though, the normally low-toned ones: Luka and GUMI, are actually tuned very high to the point that you do not recognize it's them. He also uses KAITO quite well, and his tuning of KAITO is one of the smoothest I've heard.

Tomn has released three Vocaloid albums, and has also participated in a few compilations. His works are found in the first ever GUMI compilation "12Stars" as well as in the special KAITO compilation "AO".

sample songs
Valkyria (GUMI)
Insomnia (Nekomura Iroha)
Tobenai Tori (Megurine Luka)
Ao no Uta (Hatsune Miku)
Kuroi Neko to Sabita Yume (KAITO x MEIKO)
Kami no Musume -forbidden pray- (KAITO)

nikki says
I first heard of tomn when I bought "12Stars" and was completely taken by Valkyria. His tuning intrigued me so much since his GUMI didn't sound like the rest of the GUMIs in the other songs. I checked his works and discovered that aside from his music style which I really like, I'm attracted to how he tunes his Vocaloids. His Luka, especially, is surprising. I also loved forbidden pray which was in "AO".
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The first half of 2010 SP ranking (KAITO part) can be found here. For an intro on the SP ranking, please refer to the Miku compilation!

KAITO's compilation has 70 songs.

Since all of them are KAITO songs, I'll just type the song, composer, and additional Vocaloids used if there are any.

original nicovideo link

list under the cut! )


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