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Pantanz is actually a group of people who you might have known because of their boyband songs/videos. Pantanz is made up of (currently) four people: PantanP, support and video maker; PantanC (Rai), producer and composer-lyricist; PantanD (Meroko), tuner and illustrator; and Pantanё, chibi character illustrator and flash artist. As far as I know, PantanC also composes songs for games like Melty Blood and talk CDs like Danna Catalogue.

Pantanz mostly compose and upload pop songs, usually cliche in themes and cutified to suit your shoujo hearts. They used Miku as their earliest Vocaloid, giving her sweet shoujo vibes in their videos. Later on, they used what had made them popular: Genso Aerie, or the "boyband" composed of KAITO, Gakupo, Len and Kiyoteru. The type of music is still the same, although this time the theme is more otome-game-ish and the art is better and vivid. Aside from them, they have also used other vocaloids like MEIKO, Luka, GUMI, miki...technically almost everyone ^^;. Their tuning is, while not impeccable, is impressive enough (with four Vocaloids singing at the same time, it is kind of awesome). The videos, well, let's say they're enough to make people go "kyaa~", very effective ;).

sample songs:
Kaze ni Yureru Sakura, Kimi Iro no Mirai (Hatsune Miku)
Battle Royale Valentine! (MEIKO, Miku, Rin, Luka, GUMI, miki)
Your Highness ☆ My Princess (Genso Aerie)
Fukutsu Chikara!! (Genso Aerie)
Hitorijime! Summer ☆ Girl (Genso Aerie)

nikki says

I first saw Pantanz in Your Highness My Princess and was impressed at how they managed to make it seem like an otome game -- from the cheesy lyrics to the Johnny's-like music to the eyecandyful art. I also like how they kind of gave each of the guys a personality very obvious in their voices/lines and expressions in the art. Lately, I've also been following their namahousou because it's interesting to know how these concepts came about, like how Meroko even went to the beach to take videos and pictures for "Hitorijime! Summer Girl", etc.
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For a proper intro, please read the Miku ranking here. The duet/group/outsider ranking has only 95 songs, which is sad. By outsider, BTW, they mean those Vocaloids who aren't Miku, Len/Rin, KAITO, MEIKO, Luka, GUMI, Gakupo, Miki, Kiyoteru and Yuki as well as UTAU.

So far, this and the annual rankings are the only ones I type in reverse order (from 100-1) so that it'd be more exciting :). If you want me to do the midyear/annual rankings in the traditional way (the 1-xx order), just tell me :).

nicovideo link

top 95-1 under the cut )
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↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

original nicovideo link

Songs are arranged from 1-30.

top 30 under the cut )

A few announcements so as not to waste post count :).

• I forgot to do the monthly ranking...again. Sorry. I'll do it tomorrow.
• I might not be able to do spotlights again this week. (Work deadline is on Friday, but you don't want to know the details) Next week! I'll try my best!

• I updated the tracklist of PointFive's enhAnce CD here :).
Hiwaily*2, that host club CD like Smiley*2 has formally introduced their cast as Amu, Miichan, So~ma, Jigiru, Riseha and [REN]. Note that they also have Kantou and Tokyo branches. Riseha is a girl, but she sounds so adorable here ;_;.
Kogeinu has announced in his new(?) blog the release of two CDs collectively called Uttemoratta. The first CD, which is themed "popular singers collection" has Clear, Dasoku, Pokota, ASK and Kettaro. The second CD, themed "no gender distinction" has Kogeinu, Hitori, che:Sakurai and vip-tenchou. XD This is going to be interesting. Please get your wallets ready by July!


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