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Raioo / らいおお

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Raioo is a fairly new producer and has only started uploading his original works in Nico Nico Douga sometime late 2010. Since his debut, he has only uploaded five songs, but they're all pretty good, not to mention interestingly varied in many ways.

As he is a new producer, Raioo seems to be still exploring the genre where he sits more comfortably. All his works are largely varied from each other. He started his career with a slightly rockish beat with heavy bass and a pop-ish happy beat. He has also tried RnB and recently, cheery and upbeat electropop. Outside his electronic beats, his guitars sound pretty impressive with clear, echoey overtones. His bass also appears distinct in his non-electropop works and his percussion always sound muffled but nevertheless fits the aura of his songs well.

He primarily uses Hatsune Miku in his songs but recently, he has taken to using Rin. His Rin is tuned sharp but not high and screechy. His Miku changes tuning depending on the type of song, but she is mostly whispery and a bit high, which makes it seem like she gets drowned in the music. His Vocaloids cannot hold long notes that well, but he makes it up by leaving a certain quirk wherein they sing with a slight lilt in the ends of their phrases.

Nekojita Crazy (pop feat. Miku)
Momoiro Vanilla (electropop feat. Miku)
Mata Ashita Ne (rock ballad feat. Miku)
fake of love (RnB feat. Miku/Rin)
Love You * Love You (electropop feat. Rin)

nikki says
I actually first knew of Raioo via twitter when people RT his works. His first song I heard was Momoiro Vanilla and back then, I wasn't really a fan of electropop. However, his second work Mata Ashita ne impressed me so much, not to mention surprised me because of the sudden style change. I like his guitars so much as well as his rhythms, because they're always a nice listen and are never boring. My favorite by him would be his only RnB song. It's quite hard to find good VocaloRnB songs and his is remarkable.
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This is so late. I'm so sorry. Anyway, this week, we STILL have a lot of GUMI and surprisingly many Luka songs. A lot have still remained from the previous ranking, though.

↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

original nicovideo link

Songs are arranged from 1-30.

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