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Since Sunzriver is going to AX this year with Penguins Project, I figured an introduction is necessary for those who'll be attending so here goes.

Sunzriver's name can be shortened to "SunzP". He started his Vocaloid career way back in 2008 and though he might not seem as active in Vocaloid as before, he still is active in making music. His mylist is a bit long because he's known for redoing his songs or making covers of his own songs using different Vocaloids. He is one of those producers who seem to be able to use any Vocaloid expertly.

His music is actually a bit difficult to describe for me, but I can generally call it synth or electro pop with a very small hint of ambient music. While there are many electropop producers, Sunzriver is different because he rarely makes dance music (as is common in electropop Vocaloid songs) but concentrates on a more peaceful, orchestraic composition of the songs. This is most apparent in his recent works. He uses a lot of instrument sounds, primarily organ/piano and drums but sometimes his songs are laced with orchestra backgrounds, harpsichord and even chiptune. I think in terms of instruments used and variation in melody, his works can be likened to NataP's earlier works. He also has that tendency to include a different noises/feedback-like sound in his songs' backdrops.

Sunzriver uses Miku, Rin and Len, Luka and Gakupo in his works. Since he uses a lot of Vocaloids, there is very little to discover about his mannerisms and quirks in tuning. Most of the time his Vocaloids are tuned straight-forwardly solid, with rarely any peaks in pitches (they usually do not have alternating super high or super low tones). His Kagamines are especially good when they are made to sing together, the blending is wonderful.

He has one album out called "Windows Music" (he mentions Windows a lot in his songs) and is available in toranoana.

sample songs
Sakasama Rainbow (Miku x Rin)
Mayoi no Mado - Satoru no Mado (Gakupo x Miku)
Hayarihitto (Rin and Len)
Tower of Sunz (Miku)
Hybrid (Rin and Len)

nikki says
To be honest, I haven't heard from sunzriver in so long that I rarely check his works, but when I found out he's going to be in AX, I just had to relisten to his songs. His songs are really hit or miss with me, since his style is popular. I like his works involving collabs of Vocaloids more than songs with just one singer. Of course, my favorite is Sakasama Rainbow followed by Mayoi no Mado (both Gakupo and Len versions).

As sort of refresher, here are the producers we've posted spotlights about last year:
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[04-15-10] Pulot/SantenP
[04-22-10] Rerulili
[04-29-10] Ebot


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