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*あいり / *Airi

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*Airi is not a new singer, though not very popular. You might have first heard of her singing for the utattemita CD Starry Sky (where she sang Yoru no Soko). She started uploading her songs August 2009 and has been active since then.

Her voice can be likened to Wotamin's and Keisen's: thin, gentle and can wonderfully sing low and high notes. However, her voice lacks a bit in strength so she keeps to singing upbeat pop songs and ballads. One thing to like about her singing is how she has wonderful diction, even in autotune (which is why I think highly of her Sweet Devil cover XD). She also has a calming feel to her voice slightly reminiscent of Seriyu's.

sample songs
Cardioid (DATEKEN original)
Discommunication (FatmanP original)
Eraser (0108 original)
Torinoko City (40mP original)
Cobalt Blue (Penguins Project original)

Saa, Docchi (duet w/ Shin Shakaijin)
Perfect Crime (duet w/ ZERO)
Ladies First (duet w/ Montea)

nikki says
I first knew of *Airi from the Starry Sky album and liked her song. Eventually, I began looking through her mylist and liked how she sings upbeat songs like Torinoko City and Sweet Devil. I like her solos more than her collabs, though.
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Weekly Utattemita Ranking #106 (November 08-15, 2010)

This is quite an interesting ranking for me because of the new number 1 which seems to be inevitable as well as the influx of unfamiliar singers with wonderful covers. Have fun getting to know them! Also, be prepared for weird old song movements in the ranking.

↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

I'll be including the weekly top ten and the overall top thirty of the week. Links to the nicovideo are included as well as some information. You may download the .mp3 file by inputting the link @ nicosound. Enjoy!

original Nico Nico Douga Link


o1. 【デュラララ!!】ブクロに帰るとヤツが必ず何かしら投げてきます。
(Durarara!!) Ikebukuro ni Kaeru to Yatsu ga Kanarazu Nanikashira Nagetekimasu [Zenra]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by HobohiP
• This is a Durarara!! themed parody of the song with the long name. This is Izaya's POV. For a Shizuo POV, scroll down the ranking XD.

o2. 【歌ってみた】「エゴロジスト」【らさ】
Egologist [Lasah]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by T-Pocket
• A rough and screechy high cover of T-pocket's latest song. Don't get me wrong, though, it's a pretty good cover.

o3. 「Blackjack」歌ってみた【ver.maro.】
Blackjack [maro]
singer's mylist
Megurine Luka original by YuchaP
• I am not that fond of maro's covers but he sounds so awesome here *_*

o4. 秘密警察を歌わせていただきました○┓
Himitsu Keisatsu [○┓ (Azassu)]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by BuriruP
• This is really good! I felt like I was watching some insane wowaka cover XD.

o5. from Y to Yを歌ってみた / 湯毛
From Y to Y [Yuge]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by Jimmythumb
• What's up with rockers/screamers singing this song? Last week was Nodoame's right? Well, I am not complaining because Yuge's cover is pretty good!

o6. 「Blackjack」歌ってみた。 ver.こ~ら
Blackjack [Ko~ra]
singer's mylist
Megurine Luka original by YuchaP
• It's been a while since I heard from Ko~ra!

o7. 【歌ってみた】 嘘とタイムマシン 【kunkun】
Uso to Time Machine [kunkun]
singer's mylist
Kagamine Rin and Len original by Ahiru GunsouP
• PFT This is so cute;;

08. 『極楽鳥 -bird of paradise-』を歌わせて頂きました。【灯油】
Gokurakuchou - bird of paradise- [Touyu]
singer's mylist
Kagamine Rin original by YuuyuP
• What a high voice O_O

09. 【デュラララ!!】池袋に帰るといつもノミ蟲が目の前に現れます
(Durarara!) Ikebukuro ni kaeru to itsumo nomimushi ga me no mae ni arawaremasu [Hosaka]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by HobohiP
• This is a Durarara-themed parody of "Ie ni Kaeru to Tsuma ga Kanarazu Shinda Furi wo Shite Imasu". It's pretty funny ffffff.

10. ★「ラセンナワタシ」歌ってみました Ver-irony
Rasen na Watashi [irony]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by Nir-Gerda
• Irony is on a roll, uploading multiple songs in a span of a few weeks.

11. 【俺妹OP】「irony」歌ってみた byはるよ
irony [Haruyo]
singer's mylist
• original song is a theme for Oreimo

12. 【こっそり】 秘密警察 【歌ってみた】
Himitsu Keisatsu [Nana]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by BuriruP
• A moe-fied rendition of the rock song. Pretty okay but reminds me of Nanahira ^^;.

13. にっとメガネ 『ハローストロボ』 歌ってみた
Hello Strobe [Nitto Megane]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by PowaPowaP
• This one's kinda cool, as expected of Nitto Megane.

o4. 「Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!」歌わせて頂きました。/iciko
Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! [iciko]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by daniwellP

15. 【1925替え歌】0821歌ってみた【みかりん*】
(1925 parody) 0821 [Mikarin]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by T-pocket
• This is a K-On!!-themed parody of 1925.

Overall Weekly Ranking under the cut )
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Jack posted in his blog that he will be part of a CD to be released during VoMas 12 on May 9, 2010.

Vocaloid Utattemita Gentei Community 2nd CD "Stary Sky" (MGS)
Theme: Dusk and Dawn
Price: 1000 yen

o1. ユートピア (Utopia) - Eshi ja nai KEI feat, topi
o2. SPiCa - TokuP feat. Keisen
o3. Fireworks - PinocchioP feat. Darumaya
o4. この花火が終わるまでに (Kono Hanabi ga Owaru made ni) - OssanP feat. Sachippu~
o5. The 9th - JimmyThumbP feat. Purikuma
o6. 千夜月 (Senya Tsuki) - IsoP feat. Kakichoco
o7. ユラメク (Yurameku) - HeavenzP feat. [REN]
o8. 1/6 - VocaliodP feat. Sorako
o9. 宵闇のアウグスティン (Yoiyami no Augustin) - Nem feat. Gurumi
1o. 少年銀河 (Shounen Ginga) - Toraboruta feat. Miichan
11. ヨルノソコ (Yoru no Soko ) - gomezP feat. *Airi
12. 星空に願いを込めて (Hoshizora ni Negai wo Komete) - tomoP feat. Shin Shakaijin
13. ライカ (Laika) - xi-onP feat. Riseha
14. 流星 (Ryuusei) - minato feat. Pagoda
15. さよならアストロノーツ (Sayonara Astronaut) - Kobayashi Onyx feat. Jack


I'm a bit late for this, but EXIT TUNES - Kamikyoku wo Utattemita 2 (QWCE-157) was released last March 17, 2010. You might want to buy it from CDJapan, YesAsia, etc. because the tracklist is awesome.

o1. Just Be Friends - Dixie Flatline feat. Zebra
o2. 炉心融解 (Roshin Yuukai/Meltdown) - iroha feat. Ritsuka
o3. 19:25発 (1925Hatsu) - T-Pocket feat. Gom
o4. 1925 - T-Pocket feat. Gom
o5. トウキョウト·ロック·シティ (Tokyo-to Rock City) - Ecomaru fear. Noaru with [TEST]
o6. SPiCa - TokuP feat. Noir
o7. 孤独の果て (Kodoku no Hate) - Hikaru Shouyu feat. Kushi
o8. Over - Shake Sphere feat. Saiya
o9. いろは唄 (Iroha Uta) - Ginsaku feat. clear
1o. shiningray - 164 feat. Luschka
11. Starduster - JimmyThumbP feat. Miimu
12. 朝焼け、君の唄。 (Asayake, Kimi no Uta) - Hoehoe-P feat. Keisen
13. サテライト (Satellite) - PeperonP feat. Mitani Nana
14. 鎖の少女 (Kusari no Shoujo) - Noboru↑ feat. MISAKI
15. 右肩の蝶 (Migikata no Chou) - NoriP feat. Kushi
16. Scene - JimmyThumbP feat. Mitani Nana


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