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To be honest, I don't know anything about Erin (or Arin, according to her twitter username??). I don't know if she has a blog, too. All I know is that her voice is really good and she has a lot of potential. I think she's a good singer and can be better if she can choose songs which fit her voice and has a superb mixer.

She started uploading songs March of last year with Winter Scenery which has satisfactory mixing but wonderful vocals that up to now, it's one of her most-viewed cover. Her voice is low and rich, just like Erii's or Usa's. She doesn't have a wide range like Usa's or a powerful one like Erii's though, as she strains sometimes at hard to reach parts. However, she sings really clearly and has a beautiful control on her pitches and loudness. She also sings some rare songs no one has sung, so listening to her is always a pleasure. There's something to be improved on the mixing and the overuse of "digitizing" her voice, but otherwise, she's one of those people I wish was more popular. :)

sample songs
(apologies, only nicovideo links for now. yt for some reason won't load :()

Winter Scenery

nikki says
I first noticed Erin's voice when I was looking for new uploads in Nico sometime last year. I loved her Asayake, Kimi no Uta so much, and I wondered why she's so underappreciated. Aside from AKNU, I also love her Nee and Melodia. She needs to sing more ;_;.
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It's been more than a week since I updated with new utattemita stuff so it's another search in the avalanche at Nico XD;. Anyway, today's batch features popular people like Wotamin, Valshe, Kazukin and Gom, but there are also other wonderful people which we do not see often.

Because of the recent Nico tag cleanup, there are less funny tags to read in each song so I didn't include them anymore :(.

Under the cut are the songs as usual. Links lead to Nicovideo and you can paste them in nicosound to get the .mp3, as long as the song is not limited to community viewing ;3.

12 songs )

Also, if you are a member of Dasoku's Nico community, he posted his cover of Mitsubachi in it and it's amazing :).

;3. Till next time~!


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