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Furuike Yuusuke / 古池ゆうすけ


Furuike Yuusuke is a very new utaite, having only uploaded 7 songs since 2010. Despite his few covers, he seems to have gained a large following, especially after his cover of "Yoku Aru Rinne to Neko no Hanashi". He is often dubbed as "the anticipated newcomer" and "kawakakkoii".

Yuusuke has a thin, ikemenish voice that has a really good range. He prefers singing songs at a higher pitch and can do flawlessly without straining at the hard-to-reach parts. For some reason, his voice seems to me like a cross of Nodoame's high range and Kettaro's voice quality. He likes singing popular upbeat songs which highlight his wonderful range, although sometimes it means he's overshadowed by more popular covers.

sample works
Torinoko City (40mP original)
Calc. (JimmythumbP original)
Yoku Aru Rinne to Neko no Hanashi (KotsubanP original)
Utau Utai no Uta (HoehoeP original)
Catfood (doriko original)

nikki says
I first encountered Furuike Yuusuke when I was looking for good male covers of Torinoko City, which is one of my favorite 40mP songs. Eventually, I also found his cover of Rinne to Neko which is really well done! I don't know much about him (he's so new orz) but I hope he'll start uploading a lot of covers this year :D.
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Weekly Utattemita Ranking #113 (December 27, 2010 - January 03, 2011)

The first ranking of the new year! This week has a lot of movement because while there are new uploads, a lot of the previous week's hits managed to stay in the ranking for this week. There's a bit of a problem in the new upload ranking since the list in the mylist and in the video do not match, so at the moment, I'm waiting for confirmation/correction from the Weekly Utaran uploader. Very sorry about that! Anyway, geh, I can't say anything suspenseful since this week MIGHT be predictable to some of you ^^;.

The discrepancy has been clarified, thank you as always to @weekly_utaran

↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

I'll be including the weekly top ten and the overall top thirty of the week. Links to the nicovideo are included as well as some information. You may download the .mp3 file by inputting the link @ nicosound. Enjoy!

original Nico Nico Douga Link

New Upload Ranking )

Overall Weekly Ranking )


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