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I should be doing more of this, but sadly, I only have limited time to stalk Niconico recently XD.

:: Song links lead to Nicosound.

♨ Wotamin (ヲタみん) has finally posted a cover of a song by her beloved Meiko :). She uploaded her cover of Piano x Forte x Scandal. There is no YT reup yet, so we have to settle ourselves with a Nicovideo link.

♨ Dasoku (蛇足) has uploaded a cover of Glare (グレア) originally by Kagamine Rin (?). Amazing erotic voice as always :). (heads-up c/o [personal profile] urbandecay ♥). YT embed below.

♨ Ki (樹) has uploaded a rather messy version of ANTI THE∞HOLiC XDD;. It doesn't sound bad, it's actually amazing! It's just that it was originally sung by Megurine Luka and Kagamine Rin and sounds a little like ALI PROJECT. When sung by a guy, it's actually interesting?

♨ Ritsuka (リツカ) has uploaded a very cute cover of Panda no Kodomo originally sung by Hatsune Miku. There is, again, no YT reup, so have a Nicovideo link instead :).

♨ KID (キッド) has uploaded rather well-made cover of Kojou (湖城), originally sung by Kagamine Len. I really like this cover. Have another Nicovideo link XD.

And that's it~. Let's hope I'll have the time to do this again |D. Don't forget that today, August 20, 2009, Jack and Clear will have a radio show at 10PM Japan Time. Please see Jack's or Clear's blog for the URL :).


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