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Wow, I can't believe I'm NOT catching up XDD;. They are piling up /cry. Anyway, I've discovered a lot of Nico singers thanks to the countdown, so writing this down is also helpful to me ;3. Now, to keep up with the weekly updates...

I think I should put some sort of commentary on the songs, right? ^^;. The list looks boring ;;.

I'll be including the weekly top ten and the overall top thirty of the week. Links to the nicovideo are included as well as some information. You may download the .mp3 file by inputting the link @ nicosound. Enjoy!

original Nico Nico Douga Link


o1. 御饌津の祭 [エリ赤音]
Sakujitsu no Matsuri [Eri Akane]
Elie's mylist (Aki Akane's mylist is empty o.o)
Hatsune Miku original by マイゴッド (My God-P??)
• I love this song when Rin and Len sang it and this is an amazing cover! Pupi mixed this song for Eri and Akane, btw. The high voices tend to be a bit strained and you notice it at the end of Rin's lines, but I think that's okay.

o2. 欲求不満マーチ [柿チョコ]
Frustration March [Kakichoco]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by 21世紀P (21st Century-P)
• I don't know much about Kakichoco but I definitely love her covers. Her Yume Sakura with Valshe was amazing and so are her other "hits". This is what I think is another hit. The first part starts off as slow and suddenly you're submerged into very fast techno beat with Kakichoco's superb vocals.

o3. OVER [みかりん]
Over [Mikarin]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by ShakeSphere
• Kettaro mixed this song for her. Mikarin is an unknown name to me. Her voice reminds of Usa, Hanatan types: High and has the tendency to get shrill, but since this is a gentle song, she sounds okay :). There are some high parts that sound awkwardly sung though.

o4. Bad Apple!! [てり団]
Bad Apple!! [terry + Oredan]
• singers' mylist: terry, oredan
nomico version
• I think this is an amazing cover. Terry singing while Oredan provides background beat <3.

o5. ロマンシング サ・ガ で、”Choose Your Future” [ヒャダイン]
From Romancing Saga: "Choose Your Future" [Hyadain]
singer's mylist
• NOSTALGIA! I thought Hyadain was a guy, but he sounds like a girl? Anyway, this is a powerful rendition. I'm not surprised it made it to the charts :).

Rainbow Girl [Lasah]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by 再うp
• Lasah is also a new name to me. She has a rather deep and strong voice that reminds me of Yamai, that is why the song is a bit awkward when she sung it (she can't reach the high notes clearly). However the alternative/rockish way it was sung it kinda cool.

o7. 朝だお [よっぺい]
Asa dao [Yoppei]
singer's mylist
• LOL a very short one by Yoppei. This guy always surprises me. I love him.

o8. 7/8 [meola]
singer's mylist
Megurine Luka original by Yuyoyuppe
• meola has a wonderfully high voice which she uses well. This is a nice rendition, some parts were a bit hard for her it seems, but the overall feel is cute.

o9. Futatsu [エリィ]
futatsu [Elie]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by uzP
• Erii has a strong voice. Her low melodies reminds me of Valshe's songs, only more rockish. It's interesting to know that uzP himself mixed this song for her :).

1o. 7/8 [no name]
• no mylist ;;
Megurine Luka original by Yuyoyuppe
• Somebody needs to find out who this amazing guy is because he sings this song so well ;;.

Overall Weekly Ranking under the cut )


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