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Halyosy has uploaded (in youtube and nico) an original song he wrote and arranged starring a lot of Nico Nico Douga singers. The pretty lyrics mainly discusses how people should bond and smile together and one of the things that can bring people together is Nico Nico Douga.


Music and lyrics: halyosy
Rap parts: ill.bell and rap beat

Arrangement and mixing: halyosy
Electric guitar: [test]
Acoustic guitar: is
Piano: JimuinG
Bass: Jimisamurai
Keyboards: halyosy

Illustration: halyosy
MV: that

- that
- clear
- みたに (mitani)
- yonji
- バルシェ (valshe)
- perfumen (白服・眼鏡・仮面2)
-プリコ (puriko) 
- ひらどん (hiradon)
- ill.bell
- くりむぞん (creamzone)
- ほんこーん (honkoon)
- halyosy
- トゥライ (tourai) 
- 蛇足 (dasoku)
- 実谷なな (mitani nana)
- にっとメガネ (nitto megane)
- che:櫻井 (che:sakurai) 
- ひと里 (hitori) 
- てん (ten)
- リツカ (ritsuka) 
- らっぷびと (rap beat) 
- ピコ (piko) 
- 赤飯 (sekihan)

* note: that, is, and halyosy is also a professional singing group called ABSORB.

ETA: lyrics and translation up @ [community profile] onsenjikan.


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