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It's been more than a week since I updated with new utattemita stuff so it's another search in the avalanche at Nico XD;. Anyway, today's batch features popular people like Wotamin, Valshe, Kazukin and Gom, but there are also other wonderful people which we do not see often.

Because of the recent Nico tag cleanup, there are less funny tags to read in each song so I didn't include them anymore :(.

Under the cut are the songs as usual. Links lead to Nicovideo and you can paste them in nicosound to get the .mp3, as long as the song is not limited to community viewing ;3.

12 songs )

Also, if you are a member of Dasoku's Nico community, he posted his cover of Mitsubachi in it and it's amazing :).

;3. Till next time~!


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