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Turbo is another one of Clear's friends. He is currently 20 years old. He appears to be closer to H+ero, another friend of Clear's but that could be because they rarely have time to get together. I haven't seen the three of them have a namahousou together but it appears H+ero and Turbo frequented Clear's place a lot in the past and vice-versa. At the moment, their communication is mostly online although Clear mentions them in his namahousou often (and vice-versa).

Turbo started uploading songs a little late, around April of last year although he remains prolific and active at present. If H+ero has a calming, deeper voice, Turbo has the voice with the rougher edge. He cannot carry high tunes as well as H+ero but their voices are alike in normal tones. He rarely has collabs but he has a unit with Chaco called Chabo.

sample songs
Hello / How Are You (orig. by Nanou/HoehoeP)
Pierrot (orig. by KEI)
Tokarev to Shoujo (orig. by MochiibeP)
Remit Friends (orig. by Koman)
It's Not World's End (orig. by HoehoeP)

and then...

magnet (orig. by minato) -- which is a sort of parody of the Dasoclear version XD.

nikki says
It's sad that I didn't know of Turbo if he hadn't released his magnet with H+ero orz. I find his voice not fitting for some of the songs he sings, but there are covers where he sounds really nice. The slightly rough edge in his voice gives him an..edge in singing upbeat, slightly alternative songs although he needs to work more on very rock-ish songs like those NashimotoP ones. I appreciate his crack ones, though. Kurumi Ponchio LOL.


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