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A Detailed Guide to the Nico Nico Fund-Raising for Earthquake Victims

Nico Nico Douga has recently set up a fund-raising for the victims of the earthquake in Japan. The fund drive is done using the Nico Nico point system and the advertising system.

A little bit of an intro, the ADVERTISING system is primarily a way to pimp videos you like. Basically, you "pay" for a video to be advertised under certain categories and tags so it will gain more views, comments and mylists. The system for the donation works exactly the same, but the proceeds will be given to Red Cross Japan.

I've translated the mini guide JimuinG posted before, but for those who need a guide on how to buy points AND how to donate them to the cause, here is a more detailed explanation.

This guide is in two parts, the BUYING POINTS part and the DONATING POINTS part. Feel free to scroll down to whatever you need.


I. First, you have to find where to buy points. Log in to Nico Nico Douga and go to your My Page.

Once in your mypage, look at your header with your username, account number and points.

Click the part encircled in red to go to the points section.

Click this button to buy points.

You will be guided to a page where you can choose how many points to purchase. Each point is worth 1 YEN. Click the number of points you want.

You will be prompted to choose which payment method you would like. If you leave overseas, you only have 2 choices, by credit card or by webmoney.


After clicking the credit card button, you will then be asked to enter your credit card number, card expiration date and a code. Click the golden button to continue.

You will then reach a confirmation page with the details of your purchase. If you do not have anything to edit, click the gold button again.

A page confirming your order will appear if your credit card goes through. Not all credit cards are accepted because they do not recognize all banks, so you might get an error page (like me). When that happens, you have no choice but to use webmoney.


Buying Webmoney for Nico Nico Points is the same as buying for premium accounts, so:

• To buy webmoney for points, follow the number 2 step in this post from letter A to H.

• Choose "Webmoney" in the payment method screen (as stated above).

Just like with the credit card part, you will have a confirmatory screen with your details of purchase. If you are sure, click the golden button.

Click the red button below to access your wallet.

You will be asked to log in to your Webmoney wallet account, just like in the Webmoney site itself. You need to input your user/password as well as your secure password.

Click the orange button to pay using the points in your Webmoney wallet.

You will receive a confirmation that your transaction has gone through.



Now that you have the Nico points, let's go to actually donating them.

Go to the video done by Foo-san, Mienohito, Hyakka Ryouran, JimuinG, TokuP, etc.


Click this button, which is found in the video info as well as beside the buttons for mylist, etc.

Follow these steps:

And you're done donating! Each point is worth 1 yen and will be donated to Red Cross Japan for the victims of the earthquake. Despite the roundabout way, it's a good way of donating because this fund-raising movement is done by people in the fandom, in the place where the fandom lives. Even if it's just 500 yen, don't hesitate to contribute!

If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or [personal profile] stephieku. This post is public and link-free. Share it, pass it, just don't copy the contents and paste them somewhere else. Linking is fine and is encouraged. Thank you!