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Utaite Spotlight: Srip


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As I said in Moroq's writeup, I can't write about one of them without mentioning another, so here's his partner/friend/nama buddy/etc. :).

Srip started singing early, sometime towards the end of 2009. Unlike Moroq, he seems to have no specific preference in terms of music styles, and just sings whatever he wants whether it's a ballad, rock song, pop song or...well, anything XD.

Srip's voice is deep and thick with quite a flexible range. His voice might seem to have a certain syrupy-ness sometimes, but actually he sounds rougher as is shown in his ballads. He just sounds too gentle for rock but too rough for ballads, which makes his covers pretty diverse and unique. He also rarely uses autotune and is prone to overfeeling the songs, resulting to quite emotional covers, especially the ballads. If Moroq sounds rough because of his screamo and rock covers, Srip sounds more boyish, especially in his early covers. His earlier works have less dexterous mixing, but his raw voice is good enough to be a pleasure to listen to.

Like I said before, Srip likes holding namahousou with Moroq and other utaite/Ps. Most of the time it's pointless, funnily amusing talk, bordering on 18+ talks. He dreams of having a harem and holds "pink namahousou" periodically, the contents of which are always a mystery XD;.

sample songs
Love Trigger (papiyon original)
Tokarev to Shoujo (MochiibeP original)
Guriguri Megane to Gekkouchuu (FullkawaP original)
Itsumo Yori Nakimushi na Sora (Rerulili original)
Kimi wo Wasurenai wo (ryo original)

nikki says
While I got acquainted with Srip through Moroq just last year, I realized I've been listening to his covers even before then XD. I found him while looking for covers of XionP songs and ended up listening to his cover of Harukaze, which sounded so boyish and pure (I was wrong on the pure part). I'm amused at his choice of songs because they're so diverse, one time it's ballad and the other time it's some fast, rock song. In his namas he tends to be overtalkative that you can't understand what he's saying but it's amusing nonetheless because he thinks of the most random things.
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thanks for the writeup :D I love srip <3
his scissorhands cover is my favorite of his and also my favorite cover of the song :)
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srip~! *___*


*___* ahhhhh I've always wanted a spotlight on srip~ thanks nikki! *___*
yeah~! he does sound rougher in some songs and sometimes it reminds me of SSJ but ...more smooth rough? but I really do love his emotional ballads~ ///

it's soothing and his voice sort of has a gentle roughness?

He's way underrated though D: so I'm happy about this spotlight~ /o/
I think I first found srip through his cover of AHHHHHH...or that long あぁあぁあぁあぁあぁあぁ(ry song LOL

LOL the pure comment XD actually I probably thought that until I found his twitter too AHAHHAHAHAHAHA <--how sorely mistaken I was ahahahhahaha

uwahhhh his Love Trigger...I had it on loop for quite a while 8D it was kinda eroi /// I feel like he paced it a little differently, but I do like his singing style (´Д`*)))ハァハァ

hmm -listening through again- He sometimes reminds me a cross of Buzz & SSJ ^^ but /o/ that syrupy-ness is nice! =w=b

I forgot to mention~ I really like his Maron too *___* it's sweet~

LOL ok enough spaz =w=b srip yay <3 ^^
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*A* I really like his rough voice!! It's a cool and cute at the same time XD;; if that makes sense....

/joins his community