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Odorite Spotlight: Debisaku

Debisaku / デビ作

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Debisaku isn't a new figure on Nico Nico Douga. He has started uploading his videos in early 2010 and he is active till this day. He has trained rhythmic gymnastic for 10 years and it has influenced the way he dance today.

I think he is closest to contemporary dance, which is a very unfettered form of dance. Even though it's based on ballet, it still place a greater emphasis on the emotions of a dancer,. While in ballet a dancer has to stick rigidly to rules and techniques, here a dancer tries to tell a story. Dabisaku's dance is not only expressive, but also subtle and dynamic. He often combines intricate moves with indeed too simplistic ones, in order to bring out the more nuanced aspects of music.

In his choreographies he uses a variety of songs, from ambiguous creepy songs or catchy pop to soft ballads. When the music's tone is angry or distressing, like in Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro, he uses sharp and short moves, whereas in cheerful and peaceful songs his movements become lighter and more flowing. However they are constantly characterized by their clear and grace. Moreover, he often adds acrobatic elements, such as roundoffs, back handsprings, and flips. Nevertheless, it's not like his performaces are always dramatic or reflective. First of all, Debisaku deeply enjoys dancing. What is more he has a great sense of humour, which is visible in his performances, especially when he starts doing really weird and hilarious things.

He doesn't appear often on the events. Though, he took part in Nico Nico Dance 3 with Kurokamiku and Mukuro as a team. Excluding live performances, in collabs he mostly dance with Bel. or komemitsu.

sample dances:

A. Solos
Rolling Girl
Hello/How are you (Debisaku's choreography)
Intuitive Fenomerase (Debisaku's choreography)
Leave in Summer (Debisaku's choreography)
STEP TO YOU (Debisaku's choroegraphy)

B. Collabs
Panda Hero (with Bel.)
Patchwork Poison (with Kurokamiku and Mukuro; Dabisaku's, Kurokamiku's, and Mukuro's choreography)
te-yut-te (with komemitsu; Mayuki's choreography)
Knife (with komemitsu)

Mono says:
I don't remember how I discovered Debisaku. I watched a few of his videos but at first I didn't set too much store by his dance. I saw his Rolling Girl, without any choreography, and it was probably the first time when I paid more attention to him. I was really impressed by his condition and ability and all acrobatic figures. I prefer when he is dancing to this more scary songs like Hirugashi no Naku Koro ni or aforementioned Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro but I must admit that I truly love his choreography to Leave in Summer. This is inconceivable for me, that Debisaku makes pretty girlish choreographies, but dancing to them, he looks really cool. While girls, no matter how they tried, look for me, that they only mince the feet in place and wave the hands. Besides that his antics amuse me every time. I cried with laughter watching his parody of Hello/How are you. Then I think this is a main reason why I like him so much. That he has so many faces but he's always sincere in what he does.

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