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Weekly Utattemita Ranking # 178 (March 26-April 2, 2012)

Sorry this is late. This week has a lot of covers of old songs, which really takes us down memory lane (lol, i mean, 2-3 years in the past). There is also a new bandwagon song by the name of Konoha no Sekai Jijyou. Some people have multiple uploads and surprising collabs abound. Of course, this week is personally special for me because of the much-awaited Dasoclear collab :D.

↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

I'll be including the weekly top fifteen and the overall top thirty of the week. Links to the nicovideo are included as well as some information. You may download the .mp3 file by inputting the link @ nicosound. Enjoy!

English Nico Nico Douga Link
original Nico Nico Douga Link


01. 【鋼兵】生LIVE映像5連発【千本桜、人生リセット、恋愛勇者etc...】
Kouhei Medley Performance [Kouhei]
overall rank: 31. This is Kouhei's live performance of Various Vocaloid songs like Senbonzakura, Jinsei Reset Button, etc.

02. 幽霊屋敷の首吊り少女 歌ってみた【けったろ】
Yuureiyashiki no Kubizuri Shoujo [Kettaro]
original by Tohma
overall rank: 32. Title means "Hanged Girl in the Haunted House". Not my favorite cover of this song but it's the usual Kettaro spunk I love. This totally needs more views!

03. ドレミファロンド歌ってみた verアホの坂田
Do-Re-Mi-Fa Rondo [Aho no Sakata]
original by 40mP
overall rank: 33. Not a song I would expect Sakatan to sing but L-lol he did manage to sing it very cutely XD;.

04. 「朱色に関して」を歌ってみた。KK
Akairo no Kanshite [KK]
original by baboo
overall rank: 35. Title means "Related to Red Colors". This is an interesting song. Pretty unpredictable notes but KK sang through them so wonderfully.

05. ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ 白金ディスコ 歌ってみた
Hakkin Disco [Miyasuke]
• original from Nisemonogatari.
overall rank: 36.

06. 「kyrie eleison」を歌ってみた【グリリ】
kyrie eleison [Guriri]
original by Calvi/OkameP
overall rank: 37. I'm not a fan of Guriri's voice but I like her long notes here and the almost cryful rendition.

07. 千本桜 歌ってみた-遊
Senbonzakura [Yuu]
original by KurousaP
overall rank: 42. Title means "A Thousand Cherry Blossoms". I totally didn't expect this because Yuu doesn't usually sing popular songs! What a pleasant surprise. Because of the nature of the song, it doesn't sound creepy at all, though XD;.

08. 【偽物語】「白金ディスコ」オーケストラアレンジ を 俺ら 雄大に 歌うだ
Hakkin Disco -orchestra arrange- [Yuudai]
• original from Nisemonogatari
overall rank: 45. L-lol as usual I'm so confused.

09. 『ゆるふわ樹海ガール』 歌ってみた 【神月 天】
Yurufuwa Juukai Girl [Kanduki Ami]
original by Ishiburo
overall rank: 50. The mixing is a bit shot and she sounds too soft, but what a gentle voice!

10. 『ロミオとシンデレラ』を歌ってみました。【松下】
Romeo to Cinderella [Matsushita]
original by doriko
overall rank: 56. As much as I love the song, I didn't dig this cover much because I thought Matsushita overdid the loli factor a bit. I prefer her slightly deeper voice.

11. うそつき うたってみた by000
Usotsuki [000]
original by Tsunamaru
overall rank: 59. Title means "Liar". 000's voice is a bit sharper than usual here, which is not something I like in Tsunamaru's songs, but otherwise, her voice is still so cute.

12. 【千本桜】ぐるたみんとそらるを超越するために歌ってみた
Senbonzakura [nobu]
original by
overall rank: 63. Title means "A Thousand Cherry Blossoms". The title of the song writes, "For the sake of transcending Glutamine and Soraru". LOL.

13. 【しゃかぽる*】君に、胸キュン。 歌ってみた 【オリジナルPV】 
Kimi ni, Mune-kyun [Shakaporo*]
• original by Yellow Magic Orchestra
overall rank: 65. This is a collaboration involving Ayaponzu, Hiiragi Yuka, Yueporu, and Shairu. I don't like loli songs/voices much but this is kinda cute.

14. 【鎖那*菜乃】ナイショの話 歌ってみた
Naisho no Hanashi [Sana x nano]
Sana; nano
• original from Nisemonogatari
overall rank: 67. Please note that this nano is a different one, with her name spelled in kanji :3. Typical loli cover. I'm not a fan of their mixing but the voices are cute.

15. 【かじゅー(P)】エンヴィキャットウォーク【歌ってみたvol.29】
Envy Catwalk [KazyuP]
original by Tohma
overall rank: 73. KazyuP's really into covering/collaborating with utaite these days and this is one of his more interesting covers. Not very powerful, but interesting phrasing.


01. 【clear】アカツキアライヴァルを歌ってみた【蛇足】
Akatsuki A Rival [Dasoclear]
Dasoku; Clear
original by Last Note.
Ufufufufu The known title is "Akatsuki Arrival", but the meaning of the song is about rivalry, hence, I wonder if it's meant to be written as above. Anyway, this is the long-awaited second duet for Dasoclear. It's been almost 3 years since their first duet magnet, which incidentally reached 3 million views recently. I guess you guys wouldn't really want me to talk more about this, right? Unless I want to embarrass myself by gushing and flailing /cough. ...It's beautiful ♥.

02. 【オワタP】リンちゃんなう!【なぜ歌ったし】
Rin-chan Nau! [OwataP]
original by OwataP
• Clear's c-c-combo breaker comes in the form of OwataP's self-cover of the bandwagon song. It's extra hilarious because Owata himself sung, especially since he has additional ad-libs.

03. 【clear×96猫×ぽこた】背徳の記憶〜The Lost Memory〜【歌ってみた】
Haitoku no Kioku [clear x 96neko x Pokota]
96neko; Pokota; Clearoriginal by SCL Project
• This is a rather surprising collab, although I must say it works well because Clear is known for his KAITO covers, same with Pokota with Gakupo's and Nacchan with Len's. Pokkuri96 or whatever they're called just work like a charm. I wish Nacchan had more lines though LOL.

04. コノハの世界事情  歌ってみた 【そらる】
Konoha no Sekai Jijou [Soraru]
original by Jin
• Title means "Konoha's World Circumstances". I like Soraru's other upload for this week but this doesn't pale in comparison. Very nice phrasing considering he tends to stumble upon his lyrics. He is really getting better.

05. 【赤飯】おにゃのこ きねんび を歌いました。【作詞/作曲:ヒャダイン】
Onyanoko Kinenbi [Sekihan]
• This is an original by Hyadain.
• I thought it was a girl singing orz.

Konoha no Sekai Jijou [Touyu]
original by Jin
• Title means "Konoha's World Circumstances". This is Touyu's more scream-y/stronger cover in this ranking, it's nothing special to me but pretty awesome anyway.

07. 幽霊屋敷の首吊り少女 歌ってみた【そらる】
Yuureiyashiki Kubitsuri Shoujo [Soraru]
original by Tohma
• Title means "Hanged Girl in the Haunted House". I actually like this and I don't even like Soraru or the song that much. It's pretty impressive.

08. ペテン師が笑う頃に 歌ってみた【PV付き&アレンジオケ&RAPver】
Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni [Amatsuki x Hashiyan]
Amatsuki; Hashiyan
original by Nashimotowe
• Title means "When Pretenders Laugh". GAH SO CUTE. I mean...this is not as powerful as other covers but it worked really well...

09. 『人生リセットボタン』を歌わせて頂きました。 灯油
Jinsei Reset Button [Touyu]
original by kemu
• Title means "Life's Reset Button". Took Touyu a while to cover this. He's not as screamo as usual but still a pretty powerful cover.

10. 【 Black Board 】 歌ってみた 【蓮】
Black Board [REN]
original by papiyon
• REN's first song in the ranking is a fast-paced piano wonder. I missed his high-strung singing voice XD.

11. 『 I ♥ 』を歌ってみた【ヲタみんver.】
I ♥ [Wotamin]
original by Junky
• Goddamit this song is so cute ;____;. I can't stop listening to it.

12. 【歌ってみた】 ボーナスステージ 【ASK・海斗】
Bonus Stage [ASK x Kaito]
ASK; Kaito
original by OwataP
• Not a surprising collab, just rare. ASK's voice fits so well with KAITO's I can't even tell them apart sometimes.

13. 【理系応援ソング】理系のうた【オリジナル】
Rikei no Uta [shelfall]
• I don't know anything about this but I guess this is an original song? The singing is pretty good imo.

14. 迷子の僕に歌ってみた………。【ゆう十】
Maigo no Boku ni [Yuuto]
original by KEI
• Yuuto's on a roll recently, is it because of his album? LOL. Anyway, I like this more than his song below, very sassy and effortless.

15. virgin suicidesを歌ってみた【nero】
virgin suicides [nero]
original by Nem

16. ☪『幽霊屋敷の首吊り少女』 歌ってみた。
Yuureiyashiki Kubitsuri Shoujo [Amatsuki]
original by Tohma
• Title means "Hanged Girl in the Haunted House". Amatsuki singing another cool, fast-paced song in his own cute way :'D ...again. I can't help it if he always sounds so adorbs.

17. 【 コノハの世界事情 】 歌ってみた 【蓮】
Konoha no Sekai Jijyou [REN]
original by Jin
• Title means "Konoha's World Circumstances". REN's second song is the bandwagon song which he sings amazingly as always. I'm just a bit bothered by the backup vocals but nevertheless it's great.

18. コノハの世界事情を歌ってみた…。【ゆう十】
Konoha no Sekai Jijyou [Yuuto]
original by Jin
• Title means "Konoha's World Circumstances". Yuuto rides the bandwagon, too, with a slightly weak but nevertheless fine cover of the song. I keep hearing autotune...but I really can't tell because of the strong guitars.

19. 【メインを歌ってみた】天樂【スミ】
Tengaku [Sumi]
original by YuuyuP
• I don't know much about Sumi but wowwww

20. 【ヲタみん】『からくり卍ばーすと』を歌ってみた【びびあん】
Karakuri卍Burst [Wotamin x Vivienne]
Wotamin; Vivienne
original by HitoshizukuP and Yama△

21. 【嫉妬】エンヴィキャットウォーク、歌ってみた【秋赤音】
Envy Catwalk [Aki Akane]
original by Tohma

22. 医学の分野から見た想像フォレスト 【替え歌】
(Parody) Souzou Forest [Funiimouto]
original by Jin

23. 「リンちゃんなう!」に少量のキモさをプラスしてみた / recog
Rin-chan Nau! [recog]
Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka original by OwataP

24. ミート源五郎が『弱虫モンブラン』を歌ってみた
Yowamushi Montblanc [Meet Gengorou]
original by DECO*27
• At first I thought this is a changed lyrics parody but now that I listen it's actually the song done just in a different kind of phrasing? L-lol

25. 【ビビ】紅一葉【泣きながら歌ってみた】
Aka Hitoha [Bibi]
original by KurousaP
• Title means "Red Leaf". Whoa, really nostalgic!!! And Bibi singing it even! I think just Bibi just proved that he can sing not only super fast songs but pretty much anything.

26. m-flo 消臭力 Remix【LOLI.COM、che:櫻井、__、and more】
Shoushuu Chikara Remix [collab]
• This is a remix of Sure Shot Ricky using m-flo's song
• This is a collab involving LOLI.COM, Che:Sakurai, Underbar, Tonkatsu, Kitoumeme, oyo, Keroppusu, and Sena. Don't be fooled, it's actually really cool. And...dubstep-y.

27. 【まふまふ】コノハの世界事情@歌ってみた
Konoha no Sekai Jijyou [Mafumafu]
original by Jin
• Title means "Konoha's World Circumstances". Mafumafu rides the bandwagon too with his extra screamo version of the song. I actually like this more than his recent previous ups.

28. Bad∞End∞Night ヲタみん ぽこた のぶなが amu 96猫 ヤマイ ココル プリクマー
Bad ∞ End ∞ Night [collab]
original by HitoshizukuP and Yama△
↓15 This is a collaboration involving Wotamin (Miku), Pokota (Gakupo), Nobunaga (Rin), amu (Len), 96neko (GUMI), Yamai (Luka), Cocolu (Meiko), and Purikuma (Kaito).

29. 【替え歌】レンくんなう!歌ってみた ver96猫
(Parody) Len-kun Nau! [96neko]
• This is a parody of the Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka original by OwataP

30. 【絵師×歌い手コラボ】BADYEAR歌ってPVつけてみた【しづ×un:c】
Bad Year [un:c]
original by Hi-ton
• un:c's voice really attracts me so much for some reason. This one is not a song I know but it's an interesting listen.

1. Aisatsu no Mahou (Gom)
2. Calc. -English piano ver.- (Mado)
3. Aisatsu no Mahou (Mao)
4. Juu Mensou (Faneru x Jack)
5. Carnival (Touyu)

Propaganda (Mes x EVO+)
Jinsei Reset Button (Riona)
Shimashima Melody (Haruno x Furetan)
Bokura no Let It Be (Airu)
Kaerimichi (Daiz)
Gravity (Sariya-jin)
seraphictune: (Default)

[personal profile] seraphictune 2012-04-05 05:06 pm (UTC)(link)
o u o the mune kyun is really addictive LOL I keep hearing ~kyun~ in my head OTL

lol the Yuudai one (looked it up) using a MAD with Ikzo XD;; this guy known for this song about hating the village/shot) and mixed with an orchestral ver LOL XDD

And I believe that was Sumi's first upload but she does the bg vocals/chorus for other utaite's cds? o u o like uh...smiling party or something like that, I forget LOL but yeahhhhh so that's why she knows like pretty popular utaite 8D

But yeah, I love OwataP's self cover AHAHAHAHA it's hilariously awesome AHAHAHAHA XD those adlibs XD;;;;

[personal profile] wax_rain 2012-04-08 04:04 pm (UTC)(link)
... LOL the history, Aisatsu no Mahou XD It's been a year? Wow... And Akatsuki Arrival/A Rival and Haitoku no Kioku *A* so awesome!
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[personal profile] pockymonster25 2012-04-10 05:56 pm (UTC)(link)
1. It's nice to hear another Dasoclear collab (though I suppose Vasoclear sort of counts as that?)

2. Lol! I think he's setting the standard for ad-libs in future covers.

3. *flails* Haitoku no Kiokuuuuuu~ I recently fell in love with Toriko's cover, but there is room in my heart for this gorgeous cover too!

5. Sekihan + Hyadain = Win. While I always found something slightly in the uncanny valley about Sekihan's girl voice, he always uses it for either crack or horror, so it's perfect.

6&9. Touyu <3

11. Wow, Wotamin just did a fantastic collab with Vivienne, who also recently covered this. I prefer this version, though - the autotune really dominated everything else in Vivienne's cover.

19. I can't wait to see what else Sumi sings; she has such a wonderful, powerful voice, and this is the first cover of Tengaku I've loved.

20. The aforementioned Wotamin x Vivienne cover. Since I don't think I posted last week, I'll just mention that I really love this.

28. Still not tired of this (or the other covers). The addition at the end made me jump though, since I had enough time to get used to the other covers which *didn't* throw that in.

* I still am looping Kitsune no Yomeiri. The original, the karaoke, the various covers. Why is this song so focused on my vocal break area TAT
* Hanatan just uploaded a cover of Kagaribi a few days ago, which is my favourite song from Junky ever --- to the point that I would loop the original if Choucho hadn't come out with her fantastic cover. I'm about the start listening and have high hopes!