Sep. 3rd, 2010

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Yuxuki's works are actually under the name of his group "Sorairo Club" which includes him as the composer and two others as musician and PV-maker. They started uploading their works around April 2009. For the purpose of this post, I'll be using Yuxuki's name instead of the group's. :).

Yuxuki's songs are almost similar to U-skeP's, except that Yuxuki uses guitars and drums in his works and has more upbeat and more alternative rock-ish songs. I won't classify Yuxuki's songs as sugar pop, since they're too varied, but all of them somehow sound so soft and gentle and nice to listen to. His songs have this serene feeling to them, despite the guitars and snappy drums. Yuxuki uses Miku for all of his works, and even if not an Append (as noted), his Miku sounds smooth and clear, not ringing but more of breathy.

Composition aside, the PVs for Sorairo Club's songs are very colorful and cute regardless of the meanings of the songs. So, it's also a pleasure to watch the PVs.

sample songs
Last Scene
Sorairo Radio

nikki says
I first heard of Sorairo Club/yuxuki in their song "oval" and I instantly fell in love with their works. I like how they manage to make Miku sound nice to the ears even if the song is high. The guitars might sound a bit too loud at times, though and it drowns Miku's wonderful tuning out. Despite that, their songs are nice to listen to if you want upbeat, alternative songs minus the hard/edgy vocals. The PVs are also adorable and a must-watch. (especially "color", gah those pinwheels I can't stop staring).
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Seriyu / セリユ

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You probably know Seriyu from her collabs with various artists such as Clear, Wotamin, Beeeeige and Kettaro. She is also the Luka part in "ACUTE" with Clear and Wotamin. She also guested before in Dasoku's, Clewota's and PUPI's radio shows.

Seriyu has a silky, slightly low and smoothly flowing voice that rarely has any edge on it. She can reach high notes but not as high as singers like wotamin or Usa. However, her voice sounds enchantingly sweet and the lack of strength in her voice becomes one of her charms. That's why she mostly sings songs which are gentle or are sung with not much force. Some say her voice has a resemblance to Miimu's, just not as thin and is more solid.

Seriyu currently lives in Osaka although she rarely reveals stuff about her. Her favorite Vocaloid is Luka. Her favorite Vocaloid songs are Gokurakuchou -bird of paradise- and Symmetry. She seems to be very good friends with Agya, Kushi and Wotamin since she joins radio shows which the other girls frequent. She also seems to be in good relations with PUPI, clear and on a slightly lesser degree, Dasoku.

sample covers:
Romeo to Cinderella (original by doriko)
envy. (original by FullkawaP)
Lowry's Room (original by scop)
glow (original by keeno)
Enbizaka no Shitetaya (original by AkunoP)

nikki says

Seriyu is my ideal when it comes to "womanly voices". If someone could give me an impression of a Luka-ish voice, it would be her. Most of the songs I listed above are my favorite covers of the songs, so I really think highly of her (Yup, hers is my favorite Romishin cover XD). I just wish she'd sing more.
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This post is kind of BL in nature.


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Most of you who have followed the magnet bandwagon might have known tane a long time ago as 1/2 of the notorious BL magnet cover (with zero) where they included BL sound effects with the song XD. (Yup, this one here.)

Tane is, if I would follow my own categories, right in the middle of boy-next-door and so-sexy-i-can-die voices. He doesn't have an amazing range or voice control, and sounds very much like Xiao (or terry, for that matter). His covers are well done but sometimes he grapples with high parts or lengthened parts. However, he has a way of spicing up his songs with deep, sexy breaths and serifu (yup, we got a thinner-voiced Panyo here).

Aside from his songs, he has very interesting radio shows and miscellaneous uploads which include sexy sheep counting and BL serifu reading. Warning, clicking the links might induce death of your ears, ladies. The hitsuji de oyasumi also has him counting in different personas: tsundere, shota, etc. orz

sample songs
SPICE! (original by minato)
Another: Romeo and Cinderella (original by doriko/Anima)
Eh? Aa, Sou (original by papiyon)
Kutabare, PTA (original by NashimotoP)
Yubikiri - with ZERO (original by scop)
Choose Me - with MISAKI and Moka (original by Hyadain)

nikki says

The first time I heard tane, it was with ZERO in their magnet and I was totally floored by it. I am very picky with tane's covers because his voice doesn't fit a lot of songs, but his second voices, mixing and serifu makes his covers really irresistible it's hard not to listen to them all. Although I admit I really like his serifu uploads and radio shows :P. First time listeners to his covers/serifu uploads should be warned that he kind of shifts his voice a lot (from left to right speakers) and all of his covers should be listened to with your headphones/earphones :).


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