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Ofurotaimu News Pool (April 2012)

This is a post where everyone, even those with OPEN ID accounts and even those who are Anon, can post Vocaloid and utattemita-related news that they read in the web, heard through the grapevine, etc. This post will be open the whole month and people can freely comment with news and info they gathered. By the end of the month, the post will be closed and news of stuff which haven't happened yet (for example, CD releases in the past month, etc.) will be transferred to another post for the following month.

The old news post is here.

Just some rules to make the post orderly.
• make sure the news item you share hasn't been shared yet in any of the comments;
• make sure that you are reporting something that hasn't happened yet ^^;
• post the news as a parent thread, not as a comment to another comment;
• write a blurb on the title on what the news is about so it'd be easy to find;

e.g.; [Utattemita] Mi-chan releasing a single in Vocaloid Master (11-14-10)

• write the date! And source, like an official website or nicovideo link if possible; and
• feel free to comment on the news post or fangirl, since all comments under the parent comment (the one with the news) will be considered fannish stuff.

Note: I usually update the main pool at the beginning of each month, so this main post is often out of date. Please check comments for updates and recent news. -Stephie

04/04 Kagamine Rin and Len compilation album Exit Tunes Presents Vocalogemini goes on sale. Partial track list.
04/10 Fullkawa Honpo's peams E.P(2 disc set) goes on sale at Amazon JP.
04/11 sasakure.UK's new major album Genjitsu Aesop goes on sale. Features both Vocaloids and real singers. Track list + info here.
04/16 2.5 Song Mate (Nico Song Mate) Vol.3 goes on sale.
04/18 √5 (RootFive) will release their 2nd single "Mikazuki Hime" in several different editions. Info + Store links + track list.
04/18 Sekihan's 3rd album Exit Tunes Presents Sekihan the Treasure goes on sale. Info + track list here
04/18 DECO*27 will release a single featuring Hatsune Miku called "Yume Yume". It is the theme song of 3DS game Project mirai. Track list + info + store links.
04/18 Aki Akane's major album "Boroboro na Ikizama" goes on sale. Comes in a limited edition and regular edition.
04/18 Vocaloid compliation album Exit Tunes Presents Supernova 7 goes on sale. Partial track list.
04/22 Sheet music book Band Score Hatsune Miku Selection goes on sale.
04/25 Junky's major album rink ~Junky×Kagamine Rin THE BEST~ features Kagamine Rin and bonus tracks sung by Lon. Track list here.
04/25 IenourademanbougashinderuP (a.k.a. ManbouP/Takahashi You/UramanbouP) will release his major album called "My Colorful Confuse". Track list + info + store links.
04/25 HobonichiP will release a major album called "Yorinuki HobonichiP-san". Track list + info + store links
04/25 Jun Maeda and Yanagi Nagi collaboration album "Owari no Hoshi no Love Song" goes on sale. Info + track list + store links here.
04/25 IA concept album IA/01-BIRTH- goes on sale. Info here.
04/25 Nagashima☆Jienotsu☆Yuuichirou ~Anisong DJ de Ottsuotsu!~ features songs by Hanatan, Korosuke, and Nomiya Ayumi.
04/25 Piko's Emiiro Refrain goes on sale.
04/25 Machigerita does an arrangement on Kera! Song ~ KERA SONGS 13th Anniversary Collection~.
04/25 Traditional Japanese-style song compilation album "Karakuri Manyoushuu feat. Hatsune Miku" goes on sale. Comes in both a limited and regular edition.
04/27 Smiley*2G's Sei Smiley Gakuen Shuugaku Ryoukou in LA 3 goes on sale.
04/27 Shikou no Full Album goes on sale. It is an utattemita album featuring 4 seiyuu: Tomita Maho, Aranami Kazusa, Sendai Eri, and Sakuma Kumi. All songs by Rerulili. More info here.
04/27 A novelization of ToraborutaP's "Kokoro" goes on sale. Story by Ishizawa Yoshinori and art by Nagimiso.
04/27 2nd in the Heart Sutra arrangement album series Boukaloid ~Hi no Maki~ goes on sale.
04/27 Aoki Lapis album A Sugar Business goes on sale.

05/01 Dagero rubber straps go on sale at Three!
05/01 Dagero-michi & Dagero in Taiwan (Short Version)" goes on sale at Three!. It contains a CD (5 songs) and DVD.
05/02 Ikemen Voice Paradise 4 release features Glutamine, Shamuon, Sekihan, Nodoame, and Rib, and collabs
Glutamine x Yuuto, Shamuon x Kony x Amatsuki, Rib x Yurin. Track list here
05/09 MONI-FACE, Zebra's unit, will release an album called LINES-VOCALOID's Expression-.
05/09 Kaizoku Ou x [TEST] x Hatsune Miku's album Guitar Battle with Hatsune Miku (tentative title) goes on sale.
05/16 Hachi, under his real name Yonezu Kenshi, will release a major album under the Balloom label called diorama. Track list + info here.
05/23 OST for PSP game Conception Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure! features theme songs by Nano and marina.
05/23 Yuuyu will release his 2nd major album Yomaigoto Universe. Comes in both limited and regular editions. Info + partial track list here.
05/23 Seiyuu Aya Hirano's album Fragments contains songs written by kz and Hyadain.
05/23 A voice drama based on Asamakku's Ayatsuri Pierrot series called Ayatsuri Pierrot no Monogatari goes on sale. More info here.
05/23 Nano's Now or Never is the OP theme of the 2nd season of anime Phi Brain. More info here.
05/25 Key + VOCALOID Best selection vol.1 goes on sale. It is a Vocaloid cover album of famous songs from Key visual novels. More info here.
05/30 Satsuki ga Tenkomori's Jinchiku Mugai releases.
05/30 Seiyuu unit Sweety's UNLUCKY GIRL!! is composed by OSTER PROJECT. It is the ending theme song of anime Sengoku Collection. Info + links + track list here
05/30 Jin (Shizen no TekiP)'s major album called MekakuCity Days goes on sale. Partial track list here
05/30 A novel connecting all of Jin(Shizen no TekiP)'s songs Kagerou Days -in a daze- releases.

JUNE and beyond
06/06 Nem's major Vocaloid album under Exit Tunes from Neverland ~Best of Nem~ goes on sale.
06/06 Yanagi Nagi's 2nd single Ambivalentidea goes on sale. It is the ED theme of anime Jormungand. It is composed by bermei.inazawa.
06/06 Soraru is releasing a major album under the Exit Tunes label called Soraai. Partial track list here
06/06 Gero will release a mini album called Cross. Limited edition comes with a making-of DVD.
06/13 Vocaloid compilation album V Love 25 (Vocaloid Love Nico)~cantabile~ goes on sale.
06/15 A comicalized version of "Kagerou Days" will begin serialization in Monthy Comic Gene July Issue.
06/20 YuchaP will release a major album tentatively called Casino!. Partial track list here.
06/20 Touyu's major album under Exit Tunes Tomoshibi Abura releases.
06/29 Hanatan's TRUE MAGIC... will be the opening theme song of the PC game D.C. III.
07/04 96Neko x ShuujinP's unit CLΦSH will release a major album EXIT TUNES PRESENTS FINAL FICTION (temporary title).
07/25 Charity CD tetote contains a track sung by Hatsune Miku.
08/31 KEI's artbook mikucolor goes on sale.

Indefinite releases and Misc.
- earth music&ecology x Hatsune Miku Collaboration releases new products every month. Possible overseas sales in the future. More info here.
- Valshe's new song Fragment will be the theme song for Fuji TV's "Kiseki Taiken! Unbelievable"
- Sakou Tomohisa (ShounenT) sings the theme song "Zutto" for anime Kimi to Boku 2.
- DECO*27's 3rd album "Love Calender" goes on sale in the summer under Pinc Inc.
- Gero performs the theme song of TV show Ayers Rock
- Dasoku sings the theme songs for Otomate game Bakudan Handan. Previews of the songs and comments from Dasoku on the official site.
- KAITO voicebank provider Naoto Fuuga's utattemita album Yuukyuu Kyuuka goes on sale. Partial track list here. Sales date currently unknown.
- Karaoke wo Utattemita. Sales date currently unknown.
- Novelyric vol. 1 ~High School Life~ release, feat. Lon, Soraru, Shamuon, and 96neko has been postponed indefinitely.