Apr. 14th, 2013

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YonoP / よのP

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It's been a long time since I did a producer's spotlight, so I'm writing today about one of my favorite Yuzuki Yukari VocaloPs :). Note: As usual, I'm using "he" as a pronoun, but I'm not sure of their gender but I can't use "their" because I have to distinguish them as an individual.

YonoP debuted as a Vocaloid producer in 2009 with a song named "Kuusou no Machi". He was previously a member of a 2-member circle, but is currently working as an individual. In his nearly three years as a producer, he has released a fair amount of songs, with a few remakes using different vocaloids. He is also one of the few Ps who has so far retained their styles constantly throughout their careers. YonoP is mostly known for his song "Hotarubi" using Miku Dark, which was a remake of a previous release using Miku Append.

YonoP's genre is centered on old school guitar rock, similar to the styles of KuwagataP and possibly 40mP. Which is why in the sudden influx of fast, hard rock songs, YonoP's works are a nice break. His guitars are strong and is a big part of his songs; sometimes the intervals between stanzas are a long, melodious display of guitar skills. However, his guitars do not drown out the voices or the other instruments are are regulated well throughout the songs. His bass is usually echoey and flowing along the rhythm which makes it a distinct but welcome addition as opposed to distracting thumps. His drums are not very distinct but they create a nice effect during instrumentals and highlights of the refrain or chorus because they are played very fast. Sometimes, he also uses piano melody, usually high and skipping, making it a nice contrast to the strong guitars.

YonoP's main Vocaloid used to be Hatsune Miku (and Append) but lately, he's taken a liking to using Yuzuki Yukari. His Miku was initially tuned high and solid, but his use of Miku Append gave him a bit more variety to work on. His Yuzuki Yukari is beautifully tuned with a solid, rich voice with a controlled pitch. He has also used GUMI Whisper once, and it's a pity he didn't use her more because she sounded wonderful even in her spoken parts. The vocaloids might sound a bit boring at first because they weren't tuned in a way unique to YonoP alone (unlike other producers with a distinct way of tuning), but all of them are impressive in the sense that they sing without getting drowned under the load of instruments and that their voices are so well-guided that they sound natural and not awkward even when singing high notes.

YonoP has released one solo CD in 2011 and is part of a few compilations including twilight e.p., Shikisai Ongaku Irodority, and Shoujo Jihanki. He will also be releasing a solo album, Glider Record on Vocaloid Master 24.

sample works
Hotarubi (Miku Dark)
Piano (Miku Sweet)
Kuusou no Machi (Miku Append - remake)
Licorice no Tou (GUMI Whisper)
Risky (Yuzuki Yukari)
Sekai Saigo no Hikoushi

nikki says
As I like Yuzuki Yukari so much, I was constantly hunting for good songs sung by her. Last year, YonoP's Yukari song Crow Girl was such a hit, that I ended up checking if he would ever upload more Yukari songs, and I wasn't disappointed. I like his works because the voices do not sound forced or extreme. I think that also makes his songs quite singable and nice to the ears. Right now he's not very prolific although his latest work (Sekai Saigo no Hikoushi) is another wonderful release. I wish he'd use GUMi more, though, since his one GUMI song is the only one with a slightly different genre that his other works, not to mention he tuned GUMI beautifully there.


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