Oct. 5th, 2013

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Namahousou Schedule
(October 2013)

Updates announced at ofurotaimu's twitter account

Previous Schedule

This is a list of all reserved and important namahousou which will take place this month. What kind of namahousou will you see here?

• reserved namahousou (not yet aired but can be TS'd by both premium and free accounts;
• important namahousou (like the daikaigi, other concerts and events); and
• nicoraji and other regular shows which will feature Ps or utaites

There will be no list of ongoing namas or namas that have already aired, even if they can be TS'd. We wanted to be fair to both holders of free and premium accounts, and it would be unfair if we list all past namas if free users can't view them. If you are a premium user and would like to watch previous namas you missed, you can see if they have timeshifts in the community pages. Note that you can only watch and timeshift community-locked namahousou if you are a member of the community!

This project will hopefully be as consistent as the news pool. If you are part of a community with a reserved nama (meaning they already have a slot/alert/link even if they haven't aired yet), please post them in the comments and they will be added to the list!

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This is a post where everyone, even those with OPEN ID accounts and even those who are Anon, can post Vocaloid and utattemita-related news that they read in the web, heard through the grapevine, etc. This post will be open the whole month and people can freely comment with news and info they gathered. By the end of the month, the post will be closed and news of stuff which haven't happened yet (for example, CD releases in the past month, etc.) will be transferred to another post for the following month. Feel free to do a complete write-up on a news topic and post it on the community if there is enough information released about the topic. For any other announcements or short news bits, please post them here.

The old news post is here.

Just some rules to make the post orderly.
• make sure the news item you share hasn't been shared yet in any of the comments;
• make sure that you are reporting something that hasn't happened yet ^^;
• post the news as a parent thread, not as a comment to another comment;
• write a blurb on the title on what the news is about so it'd be easy to find;

e.g.; [Utattemita] Mi-chan releasing a single in Vocaloid Master

• write the date! And source, like an official website or nicovideo link if possible; and
• feel free to comment on the news post or fangirl, since all comments under the parent comment (the one with the news) will be considered fannish stuff.

I usually update the main pool at the beginning of each month, so this main post is often out of date. Most releases should be available at stores that ship internationally (i.e. CDJapan, YesAsia, HMV), unless otherwise stated. I list Japanese store links because they're often faster to update listing information.

Please check comments for the most recent information and updates.

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