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Artist Spotlight: fhána

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Fhána is a group that consists of producers Junichi Sato, yuxuki waga, kevin mitsunaga, and vocalist towana. Before their major label debut, all the members were active in the internet amateur music scene. Junichi Sato, under FLEET, has been releasing music on the internet for many years. Yuxuki waga is a well-known and active Vocaloid producer under the circle s10rw. Kevin Mitsunaga is the creator of the project "Leggysalad" and is part of the "net-label" scene. The 3 of them represented "3 generations of the internet" with Junichi representing the "pre-broadband age", yuxuki the "Nico Nico Douga/Vocaloid age", and kevin the "net-label age". Fhána started out as a group with these 3 members, with towana formally joining as main vocalist in 2012.

It all started around the end of 2009 when Twitter boomed in popularity, yuxuki, a fan of FLEET since his university days, began talking with Junichi Sato on Twitter. They started chatting with each other frequently and yuxuki invited him to a VOM@S event. Junichi Sato found Vocaloid culture interesting and was interested in writing his own Vocaloid songs. Towana was in a band with yuxuki when he was still a student. Junichi Sato became acquainted with kevin mitsunaga through Twitter. They were all participants at a live at 2.5D and met each other in person during preparations. They bonded over their common interests such as the anime "CLANNAD". At a maid cafe they agreed to "make a band that'll move you to tears like CLANNAD!" Fhána started out as just the 3 of them with various guest vocalists. Their first release was kotonoha breakdown on s10rw's album TRANSIT LOUNGE in 2011. They released their first independently produced album New World Line featuring vocalists Aoi Tada, Vocaloid IA, Makiko Naka (of Tornado Tatsumaki), and towana. After towana performed with them live in 2012, she became an official member.

On August 21, 2013, fhána debuted under a major label with their single Que sera sera. Fhána is a joint project with Lantis and U/M/A/A. Que sera sera is the ending theme song of anime Uchouten Kazoku (aka "The Eccentric Family"). They recently released their next single tiny lamp on November 23, 2013. It is the theme song of anime Gingitsune. Fhana has also been confirmed to be performing the theme song of upcoming anime Witchcraft Works.

Fhána has also collaborated with many other artists and composed songs for Choucho ("looping star" & "life is blue back"), and Mai Aizawa ("Sono Setsuna"). They have also remixed songs for Sayonara Ponytail ("Mahou no Melody"), DECO*27 ("Nisoku Hokou"), for anime "ROBOTIC:NOTES", and more. They also perform live with Junichi Sato on keyboards & backing vocals, yuxuki waga on guitar, kevin mitsunaga on sampler & PC, and towana as main vocalist.

Their major label releases are now available on worldwide iTunes for purchase! Scroll down for iTunes Store links and if you prefer a CD, links to import stores.

Junichi Sato
Under FLEET, Junichi Sato uploaded his own music on his homepage, which was quite rare at the time, as Youtube and Nico Nico Douga did not exist yet. FLEET was formed in 2004 by Junichi Sato and Yuuichi Ikeda. In 2006, FLEET debuted under a major label. Shortly after Ikeda left FLEET in 2009, Junichi Sato continued to use the FLEET name to produce his solor works. He composed his first Vocaloid song with Hatsune Miku called Cipher, which was included on s10rw's TRANSIT LOUNGE. Junichi Sato is also an art director and graduated from his university specializing in design. He is also the vice editor-in-chief at internet culture information site NETOKARU. In fhána, Junichi Sato is the main composer and writes the main melodies and codes with simple rhythms. Then yuxuki and kevin add, modify, and clean up the song. He also takes care of keyboard, synthesizer, chorus, and occasionally the bass.

yuxuki waga
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Yuxuki waga is a well known and highly active Vocaloid producer on Nico Nico Douga. He is the founder of the creative circle "s10rw". Yuxuki is also the composer for the group Sorairo Club with illustrator/PV maker ShimomuraP. Currently he produces music, both Vocaloid and indies, under "yuxuki waga". He is the main guitarist of fhána.

kevin mitsunaga
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Kevin mitsunaga is known under his solo project "Leggysalad" and is active on the internet producing music. He is part of the "net-label" scene and also is active in the Vocaloid scene as a member of s10rw. He also DJ's under his kevin mitsunaga name. In fhána, he does a lot of the drum programming and sound editing.

Towana was originally a guest vocalist for fhana, but officially joined the group as the main vocalist in 2012. She was the vocalist of monoral in the stereo, yuxuki waga, monaca:factory, and whoo's indies band.

Where to Buy
• [Indies Album] New World Line: Amazon JP
• [Major Single] Que sera sera: US iTunes|CDJapan|HMV|Amazon JP
• [Major Single] tiny lamp: US iTunes|CDJapan|HMV|

More Info
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There are also more music videos at fhana's Youtube Channal.

Stephie Says
I loooooove fhana's music. I am a fan of yuxuki waga's works and purchased TRANSIT LOUNGE, where I discovered the works of the rest of the members. All of their work is great, so a combination of all of them is godly. Fhana is a nice mix of pop and electronic music with nice catchy and "refresing" melodies. You can really hear the influence of all the members in each song. I'm hoping they will release an album soon!