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Yamai New Album

Yamai's major album "Watashi ga Dansoushite Utau no de Senkyokushitara Sugoi Koto ni Natteiru Ken." goes on sale October 1st. It features covers of anime theme songs by Yamai, likely singing with a male voice.

[Partial Tracklist]
- Can do (from Kuroko no Basket)
- Zoetrope (from AMNESIA)
- BLOODY STREAM (from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
- Yowamushi na Honou (from Yowamushi Pedal)
- Seisei -rebuild- (from Dangan Ronpa)
- Uragiri no Yuuyake (from Durarara!!)
- Bye Bye (from Kimi to Boku.)
- Natsu Yuuzora (from Natsume Yuujinchou)
- Taiyo ga Mata Kagaku Toki (from Yu Yu Hakusho)
- Harari (from Hakuoki)
for a total of 11 songs

More info at UtaiteDB:

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